The Weekly Edit: Birthday Edition

The Weekly Edit: Birthday Edition

It's my birthday this week, and so I thought I'd share a few things that have been on my wish list for a while. I've had my eye on this Carry-on suitcase by Away for so long. It's pricey, but I travel a lot and it has some many features I could really benefit from! 

The handbag by Danse Lente is also a piece I've had on my radar for a long time! I see a handbag as a good investment, and this one is perfect for all year round as well - my kinda bag.

I'm itching to have a holiday - it's been well over a year since I last went away on holiday - FYI, work trips abroad are great and all, but an actual trip to somewhere where I can escape and do sweet FA is the actual dream right now.

The other pieces are simple, but things for the wardrobe and home. The candle is an absolute dream of a scent - I have it in perfume form, and the boots and dress are pieces that would work well for the new season. Yep, I'm THAT person who is already thinking ahead to Autumn / Winter 17'

5 Books to read this Summer

Over the last couple of months, I've fallen back in love with reading. I love a good book but can find it so hard to stay focused that reading can be a little tricky sometimes. I've had a few days off over the last month, and with the weather being fairly glorious I've managed to make the most of it on weekends and in the evenings after work by going and sitting on the beach with a book. 

I'm trying to get out of the habit of having my phone glued to my right hand in the evenings, giving my thumbs a break from all the scrolling, and stepping away from the Net-a-Porter and Topshop apps in the hope I'll stop spending. 

If I score a right page turner, I can read a book in a weekend and that's exactly what happened with The Power by Naomi Alderman. This was the winner of the 2017 Bailey's Women Prize for Fiction, and I literally couldn't put it down. It’s a worthwhile and clever exploration, accessible to everyone, with an important message behind it: there’s good and bad on both sides. 

Another book that get's your mind thinking, is Margret Atwoods The Handmaid's Tale. This isn't a new book at all, but you may recognise it as it's recently been made in to a TV series - one that I have recorded and ready to watch. This was another book I sailed through and won't give anything a way - I'm just hoping the TV series is just as good.
A little different to my first two, but Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon is one that everyone should read. Having been going through various mental health issues myself, I have never related to a book as much as this one. It's powerful, heartbreaking, hilarious and inspiring all in it's 304 pages. Bryony Gordon is brilliant and somehow manages to take the whole taboo of mental illness away. 

Ok, so this book is a little different to anything I've ever read but, Gut: The inside story of our body's most under-rated organ by Giuila Enders is definitely an eye-opener. I've only read the first couple of chapters, as it's one of those books you can dip in and out of but, it does get you thinking about what you put in your body. Friends of mine recommended it - they've even gone veggie after reading it, and there's a whole chapter dedicated to pooing properly. Yep, I said it (and it turns out we're doing that side of our toilet visits totally wrong). 

Last but not least is The Curated Closet: Discover Your Personal Style and Build Your Dream Wardrobe by Anuschka Rees. I'm looking forward to reading this fully as I'm very interested in creating a capsule wardrobe. A little bit late to the game, but it needs to be done. Watch this space...

Baby Bao, Brighton

Baby Bao, Brighton
There's no hiding the fact that Brighton is full of amazing places to eat - it's a struggle to keep up with all the new openings and pop-ups, and I live here! 

Baby Bao have been a regular at Friday's Street Diner for a while, and now they have taken up residency at Brighton pub, The Pond. Serving up their take on Taiwanese street food in the form of steamed buns and small plates.

The Pond in Brighton just so happens to be a mere 5 minute walk from my office - perfect for lunch or even an after-work snack (or stay longer and have a feast!). Between two of us, we ordered a couple of buns and and small plates to share, and came away pretty full. The portions are a great size and the buns are perfection. 

They're also less than a 5 minute walk to Brighton station, so perfect for a pre or post train snack. Beats grabbing a bag of crisps and a sandwich from M&S.

Baby Bao at The Pond
49 Gloucester Road, Brighton

24 hours in...Chicago

Chicago City Guide
Chicago City Guide
At Aloft Chicago City Centre. Located in the River North area, Aloft is part of the Marriott Hotel Group. The beds are one of the most comfortable I've slept in, and the location is perfect for exploring the city. 
Chicago City Guide
At so many places! From breakfast at Beatrix to Dinner at Ramen San, Chicago has some great places to eat. Try Firecakes for yummy doughnuts and Wow Bao - an Asian fast food chain that serves up delicious buns, noodles and bao. 
Chicago City Guide
Chicago City Guide
Till you drop! I mean, if you follow me on Instagram and saw my 'IG Stories' whilst I was out there, you'll know I went to the beauty mecca that is Sephora! I mean, the store I hunted down on N. Michigan Avenue is the biggest one I've come across...ever! (and I've been to a fair few). Not that I went shopping properly, but the city is home to all US brands, including Macy's, Target and J Crew. You'll also find Topshop, Zara and H&M nestled in.
Chicago City Guide
Chicago City Guide
Everything! I was actually surprised at how amazing Chicago is, and hope to go back next year. The architecture is insane - prepare yourself for neck ache as you'll be looking up in awe everywhere you go. I would highly recommend booking yourself on to one of the Architecture boat trips - you won't regret it. Also, head to Millenium Park for a stroll and find the silver bean by Anish Kapoor and grab a drink along the river, or if you're feeling fit - go for a run along there. The river path is a great place for it. 
Chicago City Guide
Chicago City Guide
Chicago City Guide

If I get the opportunity to head back to Chicago, I'll definitely be adding a couple of extra nights on to explore the city further.

The Weekly Edit: Homeware

Homeware edit

I'm not sure if it's a getting old thang, but I find myself lusting over homeware pieces more often then clothes! But, when the British high street has so much on offer, and at affordable prices, it's difficult not to. 

Above are my favourite homeware pieces I have my eyes on - you won't believe where the hanging glass plant is from! 

Ways to Relax

Ways to Relax
It's taken a few stressful, emotional life situations to realise that taking some time out is not just important for the mind, but also for the body. 

My body and mind have been through a lot off and on over the last few years, and it's not until you experience the type of stress that affects every part of you, that you realise how serious it can get.

Hands up, I'm not the most proactive person to admit that I need some time out - it can get to a point where I'm walking round like a zombie and crying at the fact we have no milk in the house until I realise I need to chill the f out!

I've been playing around with some ideas as to what relaxes me the most, so I thought I'd share them with you, and maybe they'll even help you out...

Have a bath
I'm starting to become a huge believer that giving yourself a pamper is perfect for your body as well as your mind. The best place to start for this, is running a bath.

Splash out on some nice bathing products, and jump in! Bring a book or listen to your favourite podcast whilst you lie back and relax. I try and have one of these evenings once a week - usually a Sunday. You’re relaxing on your own naked terms. Hell, light a few candles but only if you can relax without worrying that you're not going to set fire to your hair or the shower curtain.

Ways to Relax
Ways to Relax
Go for a walk
I've been lucky enough to live near the sea my whole life and for as long as I've been allowed out of the house on my own, I've always gone for a walk along the seafront and sat staring at the waves when life has felt a little stressful. Going for a walk, and getting some fresh air into your lungs works wonders. 

Heck, I even pop out of the office if I'm having a stressful day at work, and go for a walk round the block to clear my head. 

I’m on my computer all day long, and if I’m not on that, I’m scrolling through my phone. So when I get home, my brain needs a break. It's easy enough to sit at home in the evening staring at my phone or laptop, so I’ve been making an effort to unplug for a couple of hours. 

I’ll leave my phone in my bedroom for an hour or two and I’ll pick up a book or I'll hang out in the kitchen cooking dinner - anything that keeps me away from my social media. This has helped my sanity tremendously.

Getting comfortable
There’s nothing better than getting home from work and changing into a comfy t-shirt or my favourite pair of sweats. Changing out of my work clothes tells my brain that it’s time to relax, and that I can enjoy a few hours to myself, without the stress of work weighing on my shoulders.

What are your favourite ways to relax?