Double Denim

26 February 2015

Double Denim by What Laura did Next
The double denim trend is back thanks to 90s grunge-inspired fashion, and I'm embracing it. Denim seems to be having a moment right now and I can't seem to stop wearing it.

For me, it's not about what you're wearing, it's about how you wear it and I've chosen to wear two different shades of denim, including this denim River Island skirt, finishing off the outfit with a pair of my favourite stilettos.  
Double Denim by What Laura did Next
Double Denim by What Laura did Next

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: River Island
Shoes: Kurt Geiger London via Shoeaholics
Sunglasses: c/o Kurt Geiger

Paris Pharmacie Haul

23 February 2015

Paris Pharmacie Haul by What Laura did Next
A visit to Paris is not complete without a little pit stop at one of the many pharmacies in the City. My two favourites are on either side of the river so, I always make sure I pop in to one of them to stock up on my can't-live-without products.

This time, I stopped off at City Pharma. If you can get over the craziness of how busy it is in there (think Black Friday mayhem) then, it's fine. It's not really the best place to go if you want a leisurely browse so I suggest heading to another one.

This time round, I grabbed something I haven't tried before. Serozinc by La Roche-Posay has been recommended to me a few times so, I can't wait to try it out and let you know what it's like. I'm a huge fan of the beauty brand and, everything I've tried in the past has been amazing so, I'm hoping this will be just as good. 
Paris Pharmacie Haul by What Laura did Next
I grabbed my favourite skincare product, Bioderma Crealine H2O and Effalar A.I (also by La Roche-Posay). This little tube of magic is something I highly recommend for people that get breakouts. 

I'm heading back to Paris in a couple of months so, I'm sure I'll be paying another visit to a pharmacie. If you have any French beauty recommendations, please let me know.

Topshop Floral Dress

18 February 2015

Topshop Floral Dress by What Laura did Next
With SS15 well and truly hitting the high street in full force, I can honestly say that I'm over this cold weather and I'm desperate to wear Spring pieces. This floral Topshop dress was one of the first new season pieces I purchased, and whilst it's still single digits temperature wise, I'll be wearing this Khaki utility jacket as an extra layer to keep warm. 
Topshop Floral Dress by What Laura did Next
Topshop Floral Dress by What Laura did Next

Dress: Topshop
Jacket: Topshop
Bag: Monki
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Boots: Carvela Kurt Geiger

peanut Butter chocolate balls, Kate Spade Stationary and some ESSIE lovin'

5 February 2015

If you read my first blog post of the year (here), then you'll know I'm going to be blogging more frequently and posting new content as well. 

Starting with a new monthly favourites post. 

BOOK - As I mentioned in my New year post, I'm going to spend a couple of evenings away from my MacBook and attempt to read more books. I'd like to read a new one every month, and my first was 'The Girl With All The Gifts' by M.R Carey. It's not usually the type of story I go for, but it was so good! Highly recommend it if you're looking for a new read. 

NOTEPAD, KATE SPADE - I'd been on the look out for a new notepad for a while. I prefer using one instead of a diary, and this one from Kate Spade is just so.... *swoons* It's already a little marked as it's been bashing around in my bag for a while but I love it all the same. 

CANDY MOUNTAIN BUBBLE BAR, LUSH - This was part of the Christmas collection from Lush, and one of my favourites from it. I love the smell and will be sad to see the 2nd half of my last bubble bar go - as with the seasonal collection, it's limited edition so you can't pick it up until next Christmas now. 

HIMALAYA SCRUB, RITUALS- Oh me, oh my - this stuff is heavenly! Not only is it the best scrub out there (in my opinion) but, it smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling soft for well over 24 hours. It's a little expensive but a little goes a long way.
LINDOR CHOCOLATES, LINDT - Yes, the picture says it all, PEANUT BUTTER LINDOR!! Annoyingly, you can't get these balls of heaven in the UK (sort that out immediately Lindt!) so, I rely on my lovely friends who visit/live in the USofA to bring some back with them. If you're planning a trip to New York, visit the Lindt shop. You won't regret it.
MASTER PLAN NAIL VARNISH, ESSIE - Now I'm an engaged woman (!) I need my nails looking tip top. I spied this Essie nail varnish whilst checking out some other products recently in Boots.  I'm loving neutral nail colours at the moment and this one is perfect.

So, there you have it - my January favourites. February is going to be a crazy busy month for me and I'm excited as it's fashion month!

What's In My Bag

1 February 2015

I think it's about time that I let you have a good old snoop in my bag.

I remember when I was young, I would go through my mum's/nan's/their friends handbags, as I was always super curious about what they stored in their great big bags.

Little did I know back then, I would be exactly the same and pack everything but the kitchen sink in my handbag. Although, recently due to work and the blog, I'm on the go quite a bit so I've managed to declutter a little and just have the essentials.

Although today is a little different as this bag is going to show me how well it does when travelling.

I'm heading to London this afternoon ready for my early morning wake up call as I'm off to Paris.

I'm only hopping across the channel for the day but that still means I have to pack the essentials.

First off, the bag is from Sophie Hulme and was a present to myself last year. I'd been saving up for a couple of months and made the decision to buy it after my 4,678 visit to Selfridges to drool over it's beauty.

Right, let me take you inside it's contents
Notebook, Kate Spade & Pens, Muji
These go everywhere with me. I'm a little bit strange in the fact that I don't have a 'proper' diary and use a notebook instead. But, I found it a lot easier writing weekly (sometimes daily) lists and, drawing out my own little schedule. The Muji pens are something of a must - I just can't get along with any other style of pen!

Purse,  Passport & Keys
For obvious reasons. Because, I wouldn't be able to go anywhere without these items. My Passport has seen better days, I know! Thankfully, I'm due to get a new one this year and, I will purchase a passport cover to keep it from getting so battered.

Phone charger, Amazon
This only leaves my bag when I need to recharge it. I seriously think it's up there in the top 10 inventions ever. If you don't have one, get one! They're worth the money and will save you when you're on 10% of battery and have a 2 hour train journey home.
Unless it is absolutely weeing it down, I always carry a pair of sunglasses with me. Great for hiding tired eyes and hangovers. Brilliant to shield you from the sun or fluorescent lighting. 

On to the beauty bits.

Perfume, Prada Candy*
This is my current favourite smell. The bottle is also the perfect size for travelling

Touche Eclat, YSL
Pretty much what I use my sunglasses for - to hide tired eyes and hangovers!

Hand Cream, L'Occtiane
Smells divine and keeps my hands lovely and soft.

Blusher, Nars
For a quick touch up half way through the day.

There you have it. Really, this is what I carry around with me everyday (minus the passport!) Thankfully there's a little bit of space left, as I know that when I get to the Eurostar terminal tomorrow, I'll be chucking in Percy Pigs, Mints and other must-have train journey snacks as well.