New Year

4 January 2015

Hello, Bonjour, Hola and G'day 2015.

Firstly, where are all the hoverboards at? 

Four days in to the New Year and, I'm already excited for what this year is going to bring. Friends having babies and weddings are the most common thing for me this year. One highlight will be turning 30 in July which seems crazy but it's something I'm embracing with open arms, as at the end of the day age is nothing but a number, I can't do anything about it and, I can still achieve whatever I set out to do.

Babies, weddings (as well as planning my own) and my 30th. Eeeek, looks like 2015 is the year I'm a proper grown up!

Thinking ahead to 2015, was quite exciting when I started writing this post at the end of December. Which brings me to this. 

I thought I'd set myself some goals this year, and share them with you. Hopefully you'll keep an eye on here to make sure I'm doing them!

TRAVEL - and I don't mean skipping up to London every week or so! I've barely travelled over the last few years, and I'm desperate for a beach holiday. I've already booked a little trip to Paris in February and, I'll be heading back there for a very exciting trip in June. But, I'd really like to plant my bum on a sun lounger somewhere hot, with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other and get a nice tan. 

PHOTOGRAPHY - I'm lucky to have a very good camera but, do I know how to use it properly? Course not! I'm going to spend a little time reading up on what it can *actually* do and, putting it to good use. One of my ideas for new content this year is to regularly post photos on here of things I capture whilst out and about. 

SMILE - oooo, that sounds quite 'emo' doesn't it?! But, one thing you may have noticed is that I rarely smile when I'm in front of the camera. This is mainly because I've always been quite self-conscious of my teeth but, now I've been wearing braces (read all about them here) and, they are due to come off very soon, I'm going to be baring my teeth a lot more on WLDN!

BLOG - This year, I'm going to attempt to do a lot more blogging. It's going to be a little tricky as I will be working full time but, I'm going to give it a go. I already have a few new content ideas up my sleeve and, they will be introduced gradually. Plus, I'm hoping to have a little redesign on here to keep things a little fresh, and I plan on teaching myself a bit of HTML with the help of the Internet (it still amazes me what you can actually learn from it!) and, Brighton CodeBar.

SAVE - Now I have a wedding to plan (one week in, and it still feels surreal!) I need to save more. It's always been quite tricky for me to save, as I've been freelancing for the last few years and, you never know when you're next job/pay cheque is going to appear. However, I'm now going in to steady, full time employment and will be able to save a little each month. 

SPENDING TIME - away from a computer screen. Sometimes, the pressure of writing a couple of blog posts, or catching up on emails can be quite hard. After taking part in the shut off, shut down challenge, I realised that it's nothing to get stressed about and taking an evening away from my MacBook does you the world of good, and puts a little spring in your step when you go back the next evening. I plan on spending a couple of evenings a week away from my MacBook screen. I've got a big pile of books that I'm dying to read, and spend some time catching up on TV series that I've not got round to watching yet.

LOVED ONES - I try and spend a lot of time with my family and friends. But, sometimes it can be a tad tricky as we're all dotted about across the UK and the world! I plan on seeing as many as possible this year, and facetiming the ones that live in different countries a little more. 

COOKING - Yep, I'm getting back in the kitchen this year! I completely lost my cooking/baking mojo when my braces were installed. But, I'll be spending more time in my kitchen this year and sharing some of the recipes on WLDN. 

NEW EXPERIENCES - After my surprise trip with Courvoisier in September, I plan on seizing the day, and saying 'yes' a little more to any opportunities that may arise. I'm also hoping to do a few things this year that I've never done before - from going somewhere I've never visited, to taking up a few new hobbies, this year is going to be about trying new things. Let me know if you can think of anything I should try out. Obviously, I will share them on here with you. 

By the looks of it, 2015 is going to be a busy one.

I best get cracking!

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