Virtual Domination Palette by Nars

23 January 2015

NARS Virtual Domination Palette by What Laura did Next
My current favourite thing in my make up drawer has to be this beauty.

I mean, look at the packaging for starters! After visiting about five Space NK stores across London and in Brighton I managed to track it down, purchasing the last one in the Soho branch.

Nars is my new beauty obsession - I have my eyes on so many of their products, including their Sheer Glow Foundation which, is proving very difficult to track down in my shade. 

If anyone sees it in the shade Mont Blanc, hollar at me please!

Want to take a sneaky peek inside?

Oh, go on then...
NARS Virtual Domination Palette by What Laura did Next
This palette contains three blushes, one highlighter and a bronzer. I've heard that their previous blush palettes have contained more blushes but, this one has a full size Laguna bronzer which, I'm massively excited about trying as everyone seems to rave about it. 

I'm known for taking pretty much my whole make up drawer with me when I go away so, this will be a perfect piece to travel with as it has everything I need.
NARS Virtual Domination Palette by What Laura did Next
At £45 it is quite expensive for a palette BUT, when you consider a full size bronzer will set you back £27 and their full size blushes cost £22.50 a pop (The ones in the palette are almost full size, with each shade having only 0.01oz less product than the individuals) then you are getting a good deal.

Sadly, this palette was limited edition and, I think will be very hard to come by now. However, I have it on good authority that they are bringing out new palettes very soon and the packaging of them is a little different but still just as gorgeous! 

My make up drawer is increasingly becoming bigger. If there's anything you think I should try out, then please tweet/email/comment as I'm always up for recommendations! 

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