Pay Day Edit #3

31 October 2016

Pay Day Edit #3 by Laura Lewis

It's been a long time coming, but pay day is here! I'm trying to be good, and have put myself on a little spending ban as there are various events (including a few sample sales) that I'm trying to save for but, it's very tricky when there's so many gorgeous pieces in the stores at the moment. 

I may limit myself to buying a couple of things - I do need some new boots and the ones above are so amazing - Topshop are killing it with their shoe collection this season! 

For some reason, I've become obsessed with the colour red, and these red trousers from Finery are the perfect piece to take you from the office to the bar - just switch your shoes up and you're all set! 

Now, I'm on the hunt for a red rain jacket in red (Petit Bateau have sold out of their one everywhere!) so if you see one about, holla! 

Halloween with HMV

30 October 2016

Halloween with HMV by Laura Lewis
Halloween with HMV by Laura Lewis
Halloween with HMV by Laura Lewis
Now, I'm putting my hands up in the air straight away, and admitting it's been a while since I got dressed up in my scariest outfit, and went out to celebrate Halloween. 

This year is not much different apart from the fact I will be giving the spooky day a little nod as the team over at HMV kindly sent me a few Halloween treats to get me in the mood.  

Being the HUGE scaredy-cat that I am, watching a scary dvd is something that I find tricky to do, but Hocus Pocus is definitely a winner, so I'll be jumping into my PJ's and eating all the sweets whilst watching this. 

I'll leave The Exorcist for my Husband to watch...

Happy Halloween!

Winter Boots

26 October 2016

Winter Boots by Laura Lewis
Winter Boots by Laura Lewis
Boots: C/O Debenhams
Boots. Knee-high, ankle, biker and Chelsea - I have an obsession with them all. So, you can imagine how excited I get around this time of year when it’s time to pick a pair (or two) for the new season.

Debenhams have a huge collection of womens boots to choose from including brands such as Dune, Kurt Geiger, Miss Selfridge and Nine West. There's a pair for everyone - you may find it tricky to stop at just one.
These ankle boots were the perfect choice for me as I find the ankle boot to be something I can wear all year round - the perfect ‘investment’.

 That’s my excuse anyway.
Winter Boots by Laura Lewis

Post in collaboration with the lovely team at Debenhams, but love of boots, beach walks and Winter sunshine my own.

The Velvet Edit

23 October 2016

The Velvet Edit by Laura Lewis

Velvet. Possibly the biggest trend for AW16, and one that I love the thought of, but won't be wearing it. Why? Because the *feel* of the fabric makes my skin crawl which is such a shame as all of the items above had me swooning as soon as I saw them...

...Although, that military-style jacket may be worth the skin crawling - it's so beautiful and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. 

The high street have some great pieces, and the ones above all come in under £100! 

Happy shopping! 

Walking around Paris

21 October 2016

A couple of weekends ago, I hopped on the Eurostar to Paris for a little girls trip to celebrate a 30th Birthday. It was the perfect weekend after such a crazy few weeks, and I found myself relaxing and having a great time in my favourite city.

I think the rosé, Macaron's from Laduree and the sunshine helped massively as well!

I'll be updating my Paris City Guide with some new recommendations very soon

Frilled sleeved jumper

18 October 2016

When it comes to outfit posts - they've been a little MIA on here over the last few months. I have a few lined up ready the show you all, but in all honesty, I haven't felt that comfortable in my own body recently. Turns out biscuits are my weakness and I have no willpower and now, no waistline.
Anyways, the main star of this post is my frilled sleeved jumper. I bought this on a whim at the beginning of Summer, and I've been waiting for ages to wear it. I found it whilst browsing the lower ground floor of Topshop in Oxford Circus, and fell in love instantly.

Frills are one of the main trends of AW17, and I for one am so on board with them! I may have bought a few frilled pieces recently but this is by far my most favourite and I reckon I'll be wearing this a lot now it's got a little bit nippy.

Thanks to my gorgeous friend Louise from Lv In Love With who took these photos. She has a mutual love for grey backgrounds and the patience of a saint when I'm pulling funny faces whilst she's trying to get the perfect shot! 

The Trainer Edit

16 October 2016

The Trainer Edit by Laura Lewis

Rewind a few years, and you would never see me wearing a pair of trainers. Now, I'm rarely out of them and with so much choice on the high street it's hard not to have a pair (or three) in the wardrobe.

Nowadays, t's not just your sports brands that sell trainers - most high street brands now stock their own versions and even various high-end designers have got involved. From leopard print to neon brights, there's a pair for everyone - check out my favourites above.

LVL Lash Lift Experience

13 October 2016

Excuse the photo above, but I had to share my recent LVL Lash Lift experience. I had this done over a month ago, just before I got married and, it's still going strong! 

I can't recommend it enough. If you live in Brighton / the surrounding area, check out Jamie-Louise Beauty. She's so lovely and talks you through the whole process which, if you're like me and a little uneasy when it comes to eyes, then this is really helpful. 

The procedure itself took about 45 mins, and included a lash tint. I’ve already booked my second appointment and I have a feeling this is going to be a regular thing. 

I highly recommend it. For someone who has tried every volumising/curling/false-lash effect mascara on the market, this wins hands down. 

The other side of Loneliness

11 October 2016

I’ve been putting off posting this for a couple of months now, and I’m not really sure why! My blog is somewhere that I feel I can have a little ramble about life things every now and then, and this is one of those posts. It’s a subject that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, and I know what you’re thinking – “She’s just got married! How can she talk about this?” But, I’m hoping it’s something that a few people can read and get.
I was having one of those long conversations with a friend who I don’t get to see that often, and we came to a conclusion that being alone and feeling lonely can be confused as the same thing. BUT...they’re both so different;
You can be completely alone, but feel so content and never feel like you need to be around other people.
Or, on the other hand you can be surrounded by people and feel incredibly lonely.
Whether or not loneliness is a bad thing it can still really suck and have a negative effect on your life. I’m one of those people that’s happy in their own company. I find that I get more s**t done when I’m on my own and maybe because of my anxiety, I find it a lot easier and calming.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and really wish I could see more of them. I do go through blue moments when I feel really lonely not having any of my girls to hang out with at a moment’s notice, but as you get older life changes, and you all have your own stuff to be getting on with.
I decided a while ago to try and overcome the negativity surrounding loneliness, and try to embrace it. Here are my thoughts.
Embracing loneliness
It’s taken me a while to learn to embrace loneliness. This past year has been a total rollercoaster of emotions, and I’ve found myself looking forward to those moments alone – even if it’s just to gather my thoughts. For example, when I was preparing for my trip to New York, I knew there would be some parts of the day where I would be on my own – being in a totally different country, and in a city I didn’t really know seemed so daunting at first, but looking back I feel that the time I spent walking around on my own, and loosing myself in the city and my own thoughts was just what I needed.
I know I’m lucky to have time completely to myself, and the option of doing what I please. Because even though I’m extremely happy in my totally awesome marriage, I don’t feel consumed by it all and I feel that I can do things alone when I want to without the pressure of having to spend time with my husband - I’m lucky that he gets that and totally accepts me for who I am.
If there’s one thing I could say to people that find themselves feeling alone, don’t wish the time away. Enjoying the present is so important because time is so precious. You can get through the tough times – they pass eventually and life can start to feel normal again.
And really, you’re never alone. It’s just part of the journey you’re experiencing along the way. 

Paris Fashion Week SS17 Highlights

8 October 2016

Redemption SS17
Sonia Rykeil SS17
Giambattista Valli SS17
Valentino SS17

C'est fini! Fashion month has now wrapped up and what better way for it to end in Paris. As we all know, this place is dear to my heart and the fashion is the best of the best.

For me, this was my favourite fashion week out of all of them - from the gorgeous, girly dresses at Giambattista Valli, to the chic looks at Redemption... Paris, you have my heart anyways but, this fashion *swoons*

Images via Vogue Runway

Milan Fashion Week SS17 Highlights

6 October 2016

Bally SS17
Fendi SS17
Giamba SS17
Sportmax SS17

Ciao mia bella!

Honestly, I don't usually sift through the Milan shows - mainly because I'm still going through all the London ones!

Milan Fashion Week boasts some huge, established designers, from the likes of Prada, Gucci, Pucci and Marni. These collections are on almost every fashion editors lists of ones to attend.

Images via Vogue Runway

The Attendant, London

3 October 2016

The Attendant, London by What Laura did Next
I'm always on the look out for different places to try when I visit London, and I think I may have found the ultimate place to take a break over a coffee and a spot of lunch.

The Attendant is a coffee shop with a definite difference. Housed in what used to be a men's urinals, and renovated without a whiff of eau du wee, it is now serving up coffee and food daily and is a short walk north of Oxford Street. 

Let's take a peek inside...
The Attendant, London by What Laura did Next
The Attendant, London by What Laura did Next
The Attendant, London by What Laura did Next
The Attendant, London by What Laura did Next
The Attendant, London by What Laura did Next
Sat having lunch in what used to be a urinal, is an odd experience. You may think of it as slightly gimmicky, but the food and drink The Attendant offer is well worth a visit in it's own right - delicious and great value for money. 

Although it's very small and can get extremely busy, it has a great chilled atmosphere - the perfect thing when you're getting pavement rage on Oxford Street. 
The Attendant, London by What Laura did Next
The Attendant, London by What Laura did Next
The Attendant, London by What Laura did Next

You can find The Attendant at 27a Foley Street, London, W1W 6DY

The Pink Edit

2 October 2016

The Pink Edit by Laura Lewis

There's something about this colour palette that I can't get enough off during the cooler months. I practically wore my Whistles Pink Faux fur coat to bed when I first got it as I loved it so much! 

There's a lot of pink around for the new season, and I can't wait to give it a whirl again. The pink loafers above are high up on my list, along with the pea coat.