My Paris Edit

16 March 2016

My Paris Edit by What Laura did Next
My Paris Edit by What Laura did Next
Anyone who will listen to me, knows how much love I have for Paris. I've been meaning to do a Paris city guide for a while as a lot of people get in touch with me asking for recommendations. I try and visit twice a year, and I usually plan my trips around where I'll eat! I always have a list of new places I want to visit - from cafés to Stores to off the tourist track places, I like to try and stay in the loop. I thought I'd share an edit of my favourite places in Paris... 

My Paris Edit by What Laura did Next
  • Used Bookstore Café – 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais. This café is located in one of my favourite stores, Merci. Go there for boiled eggs and soldiers in the morning, or head there to rest your feet after a morning walking around the Marais for a fresh mint tea or hot chocolate.
  • Café de Flore - 172 Bld Saint-Germain. Perfect for people watching over breakfast, this place is an institution in Paris. If you're very hungry, and feeling naughty I recommend the Jockey au Chester. If you can eat all of it, you deserve a high five!
  • Angelina - 226 Rue de Rivoli. Yes it’s a complete tourist trap, but their hot chocolate and cakes totally make up for that. If the weather is nice, get your hot chocolate to go and walk over the road to Jardin de Tuileries for a little walk.
  • Bar du Central - 99 Rue Saint-Dominique. This place is open all day, every day. The food is good, the cocktails are even better, and it's full of locals which, I always see as a good sign.
My Paris Edit by What Laura did Next
  • Chez Janou – 2 Rue Roger Verlomme. With the waiting staff being very friendly (a rarity in Paris) and the steaks being the size of my face this place is one of my favourite restaurants in the city. I always recommend this restaurant to friends who are visiting the city. Please make sure you order the chocolate mousse, it comes in a catering sized bowl for you to help yourself - so good.
  • Semilla - 54 Rue de Seine. Located in the Saint-Germain district, Semilla is perfect if you're after a chilled lunch, delicious food at great prices. The staff will recommend dishes for you, and are very approachable and eager to assist you with any questions. 
  • Les Cocottes Christian Constant - 135 Rue Saint Dominique. Simple yet delicious food
  • Chez Georges - 1 Rue du Mail. As French as you get. This small restaurant has handwritten menus that look as though they were written many years ago. The waitresses are quite possibly as old as the restaurant and don't speak English. Don't let this put you off. The food is simple yet possibly the best I've ever eaten in France. 
  • Derriére – 69 Rue des Gravilliers. This place is great for brunch & dinner. It reminds me a little of Alice in Wonderland - think huge sofas, secret rooms through wardrobes and a table tennis table in the middle of the restaurant. The food is good too, and location wise it's great if you're looking to hang out in the Marais district. 
  • Chez L'Ami Jean - 27 Rue Malar. 
  • L'as du Fallafel - 32-34 Rue des Rosiers. This may be a bit of a tourist trap but you can't beat their fallafel. I recommend grabbing a seat inside instead of queuing on the street. The service is speedy, the portions are huge making it great fuel for your walk around the city.
My Paris Edit by What Laura did Next
  • Merci111 Boulevard Beaumarchais. A gorgeous concept store, full of great French fashion brands, homeware and other bits and pieces. 
  • Colette213 rue Saint-Honoré. Playing home to various high-end fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. This store is full of gorgeous things to look at.
  • A.P.C outlet store - 20 Rue André del Sarte. Tucked away on a street near the Sacre Coeur, this is a little fashion secret full of discounted pieces from the French label. Head there for a bargain.
  • Le Bon Marché - 24 Rue de Sèvres. As much as Selfridges will always have my heart, Le Bon Marche comes a close second. Filled with pretty things from beauty to fashion, this department store is definitely worth a visit.
  • Chanel - 31 Rue Cambon. The mothership. Need I say more?
  • Les 3 Marches Catherine B - 1 Rue Guisarde. A gorgeous store full of vintage Chanel and Hermes. Head there if you want to get something special, or want to be up close to some truly beautiful pieces. 
My Paris Edit by What Laura did Next One thing I say to people who ask for Paris recommendations is walk. This is the best way to see Paris in my opinion - I've stumbled across so many places doing just that. The city is home to a crazy amount of beautiful buildings and landmarks and to be fair, the Metro can be somewhat....smelly! So, pack a pair of comfy shoes - leave the heels for the evening, and get exploring. 

Below are a few of my favourite sights to see in Paris;
  • Arc du Triomphe - Go up to the top. Although, it's not for the faint-hearted - 248 steep steps up and down. The views are totally worth it though...I almost prefer it to going up to the top of the Eiffel Tower! 
  • Louvre - You could spend a good few days in here admiring some of the most well known art pieces in the world.
  • Eiffel Tower - Whenever I go to Paris, I have to go and say hello to this mesmerising structure. I've been up it a couple of times but, just seeing it up close, and standing underneath it gives me butterflies! 
  • Parc des Buttes Chaumont - One of the biggest parks in Paris, if you have some free time and you just want to chill out, head here. 
  • Saint Germain - This area of Paris is one of my favourites. Great for people watching and, full of amazing stores. Check out the Hermes store on Rue de Sèvres. Housed in an old swimming pool, it's one of my favourite stores in the world.
That's it for now. I'm sure they'll be more additions after my next visit. 

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