The In-Flight Skincare Regime

24 March 2016

The In-Flight Skincare Regime by What Laura did Next

A big HEL-LO from a somewhat sunny and warm New York! After landing yesterday evening and checking in to my lovely, and brand spanking new hotel, I am ready to face my first day in the city for some very girly fun.

That's an entirely different blog post though!

We all want to walk off the plane after a long-haul flight with a fresh, glowy face. I don't fly that often - to be honest, I didn't even set foot on a plane in 2015. But I've found in the past that my skin is all sorts of messed up after flying. I break out, my skin is drier than a desert and it just looks...dull.

So whilst packing for my trip, I decided that I would dedicate the clear plastic bag you're handed at the airport, to some of my skincare and give myself a long-haul facial. 

Feeling fresh
I try not to wear too much makeup when travelling, as the air is so different and can have an affect on your skin. So once I was settled and strapped in, out came the Bioderma Sensibo H20 Solution and off came my makeup.  This leaves your skin feeling refreshed for the journey ahead. 

Keeping Hydrated
Something I read a lot about, and I've experienced is dry skin from the air in the cabin. Lisa Eldridge recommends applying a hydrating mask throughout your flight to help keep your skin hydrated and looking perky. I'm not really sure why it's taken me this long to realise that applying one of these when you fly is the best travel beauty tip ever! I took along my mini Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish mask and reapplied it a couple of times throughout the flight. FYI - the mask is clear, so I didn't scare anyone. My skin lapped it up and so far, my face isn't suffering from dryness from the flight. Bonus! Also, try to drink plenty of water in the run up and during your journey - this will help as well.

Then, I just hit the recline button on my seat, and settled in to watch some films, talk plans with my travel companion and eat airplane food which I secretly love.

I think it's the OCD in me - having everything in their own sections really pleases me! 

Prepare for landing
I didn't pack too much makeup in my carry-on, and as we landed yesterday evening we went straight to our hotel to get our heads down. However I did use these face wipes by Yes to. They're soothing and perfect for sensitive skin. I then applied a dab of Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm a little bit of my Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Eye Wand, a swipe of blusher and my Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

A couple of other bits
Now, I won't go anywhere without my magic spot cream, Effaclar A.I. God knows how the team at La-Roche-Posay did it but, they deserve all the high fives. I've mentioned this before but, I can't preach enough about this product!

Another product that is always in my bag is a EOS Lipbalm. I will be picking up several of these over here as they are so much cheaper. I love the vanilla mint one as it's so refreshing. 

Hand cream. Honestly, I just grabbed the first tube in my drawer but, you don't want anything to  be overbearing in smell - respect the other passengers! 


Right, it's time for a bit of blog silence. Adventures in NYC await and I have a girly day out with the bride to be before the wedding tomorrow!

Don't fret, I'm not going too silent - make sure you're following me on Instagram as there will of course be photos of our adventures on there, and I'll be featuring my trip on here when I'm back. 


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