What's in My Carry-On Bag

23 March 2016

What's in My Carry-On Bag by What Laura did Next
I'm currently typing this whilst I wait for my taxi to take me to the airport, as today is the day that I hop across the pond and have a little adventure in NYC.

I am so bloody excited!

Thank you to those that have sent me recommendations. I have these written down on my phone, along with all the bits I've reasearched.

I thought I'd show you what tends to go in my carry-on. I am that person who thinks I'm going to end up loosing my suitcase on the other side of my journey, so I do pack a pair of pants, toothbrush and a few other bits just in case. I travel a fair bit with work so personally, I think I have packing for a trip down to a tee..

Bag-wise I reckon it’s always best to pack everything into a handbag that you’re planning on using when you’re away. I do try not to overload my handbag, as I also have a cabin-size suitcase travelling with me. This Saffiano London tote is by Kurt Geiger and is a total dream - big enough for what I need to put inside and lightweight for carrying around.

The boring grown-up items - Tickets, purse, currency, phone and passport are what I consider the most important items in my bag. They may be boring but if I want to get on the plane, I need these. 

The Reading Material – I always like to have something to read when travelling, just in case the inflight entertainment isn't any good, or I need to save the battery on my iPhone. I'm currently reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg which, is a really interesting read. I also try and take my laptop with me just in case I fancy smashing out a few blog posts. 

Dr Laura - I tend to take too many products with me in my carry-on but I relax a lot better if I have some Ibruprofen, anti-bac gel, some tissues and handcream packed. Beauty-wise, as it's a long haul flight this time around, I'll be packing some skincare essentials in miniature form because although I couldn't give a crap about what I look like when I'm fretting that my suitcase won't be at baggage reclaim, I do want my skin to behave itself.

More on that in tomorrow's post.

See? It’s not too bulky. All the essentials with a few extras, you know – just incase.

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