Deliveroo does Breakfast

29 April 2016

Deliveroo does Breakfast by Laura Lewis
Last week, Deliveroo announced they were launching a breakfast service down here in Brighton. Partnering with 10 breakfast haunts in Brighton, they will be offering a weekend breakfast delivery service between 9am - 12noon on Saturday and Sunday's. 

I was given the opportunity to try out this new service last weekend, and the timing was perfect. After several Espresso Martini's on the Saturday night, it was safe to say I was a little hungover when I woke up Sunday morning, and I was craving bacon and eggs.

With no food in the fridge, and no energy to go out, I logged into the Deliveroo app and had a look to see what was on offer. 

We chose to get breakfast bagels from Bagelman, which arrived earlier than scheduled (no complaints there) and really hot. I curled up in bed and devoured it within minutes.
Deliveroo does Breakfast by Laura Lewis
Feeling a tad guilty and, needing something a little healthy I placed an order with Boost Juice Bar and within half an hour, our fresh smoothies had arrived. 

Breakfast delivered to your door without having to cook or get out of your PJ's

That's what I call a perfect Sunday morning. 

Brighton residents can now use the Deliveroo site or app to order their breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, which will be delivered by Deliveroo riders, who aim to deliver your food from the restaurant kitchen to your door in 32 minutes.

Eatalio, Bagelman, Boost Juice Bar, Mojo Coffee House, Croque Shop, Raise Bakery, Edendum, V&H Café and Joe’s Café will now all be available to order from, with delivery starting from 9am until 12pm. The weekend service, which launches from Saturday 30 April will be the first of its kind for Deliveroo outside of London, who have been successfully delivering some of Brighton’s most loved dishes to its residents for the past four months.

To download the Deliveroo app visit

The Cos Edit

27 April 2016

The Cos Edit by What Laura did Next

Cos is a brand that I always go to if I'm looking for something simple, but with a bit of a modern twist. They are the perfect place for anyone that loves a good transitional piece. 

Their SS16 collection is gorgeous - featuring their usual loose shapes, but with frills and other textures. 

Check out my favorites from the new collection above.

Available online and in stores now. 

The apps that help my blogging life...

24 April 2016

The apps that help my blogging life by Laura Lewis
Now I’m not the most clued up of bloggers, but I thought I’d do a bit of an informative post on some of the apps I use on the go as sometimes they can be really informative – I know I’ve picked up some tips and tricks from various bloggers in the past!

A ColorStory
This app is by the gals behind one of my favourite blogs – A Beautiful Mess. Recommended to me by the lovely Carrie (who’s Instagram is totally dreamy FYI) A ColorStory is full of filters, effects and tools to help you enhance your photos. What’s great about it is that you can make your own filter and save it for future use.
The apps that help my blogging life by Laura Lewis
Photo edited using A ColorStory
Shoes: Topshop
I’m in a bit of a love-hate relationship with Hootsuite. One minute I think it’s a total blog-saver, and the next I’m all frustrated and thinking of deleting my account. I tend to use this more as a website than an app as you can bulk upload future tweets. I know some people tend to frown on scheduled tweets, and it does totally defeat the point of your Instagram post being…instant, but I’ve found it to be really useful – especially when I’m away and can’t promote a blog post.

Later (previously known as Latergramme)
Ok, ok I have two Instagram-related scheduling apps. Most of the time I do use Hootsuite, but sometimes I use Latergramme as you can store pictures and captions (plus, it’s free). This is great as it means I can keep an eye on what my feed is looking like and if I need to change anything up a bit.

Well, this isn't exactly an app - Picasa is a program where you can edit pictures and create collages. It's made by Google, is free to download and is so easy to use. I create all my collages that are featured on WLDN on this. 
The apps that help my blogging life by Laura Lewis
Collages using Picasa

Google Calendar
This is a bit of a boring one but it really helps me keep organised in day-to-day life, as well as my blog life. I still use my Kate Spade Agenda but, I like to input all my posts into this app so I can see what post is going up, and when.  Plus I can sync it with the calendar on my desktop as well and it comes with a to-do list function which, I rely on on a daily basis.

That's it! Fairly simple really. Let me know any favourites that you have - I'm always interested in new ones.

US Drugstore Beauty Haul

22 April 2016

US Drugstore Beauty Haul by What Laura did Next
I'd heard so much about the typical US drugstore, that I couldn't wait to pay them a visit. 

Turns out I had a Duane Reade right on the corner of the block my hotel was on and I'm going to put my hand up and admit that I was in there at least once a day.

But, when they have pretty much everything under one roof, how can you not?!

Aside from a late night visit (my local one was open 24 hours) to buy some hardcore flu medicine, I didn't go too crazy in there. I picked up a helluva lot of candy (mint Oreos for the win) and of course the amazing eos lip balms that cost about £7 over here, but only $4 in the US (about £2.80).

The only makeup I bought was from Wet n Wild - a brand we can't get over here and that is cheap but the products are pretty decent. I also picked up a nail polish from Essie's new range and then I found my favourite cleanser and moisturiser in miniature form, so they were in my shopping basket straight away.
US Drugstore Beauty Haul by What Laura did Next
The other two items I picked up were mainly for the novelty of them - the Colgate travel toothbrushes that seem like such a good invention, and the teeny tiny pot of Vaseline which I've not stopped using since being back.

I honestly wish I'd bought back more from Duane Reade and Bed, Bath and Beyond - that store is crazy! I got lost in there and freaked out a little as I could not find the exit for the life of me! But I soon calmed down as soon as I found the huge wall dedicated to mini sized beauty and toiletry products.

You know how crazy I go for mini-sized beauty products

I'll be straight back there when I visit NYC next year! 

Finery London Edit

20 April 2016

Finery London Edit by What Laura did Next

You may remember I posted about this gorgeous brand last year. Finery London is an online womenswear brand with the aim to put the excitement back into shopping. 

Founded by a group of power women in the fashion industry (ex ASOS and Topshop), the brand is offering luxe fabrics and chic cuts at VERY affordable price points.

This brand is right up my street, and I suggest (if you haven't already clicked on any of the link s above) you should stop what you're doing, and take a peek right now.

For the people out there who still like to try before they buy - you can now get a select few pieces in Selfridges, and I did spy it in John Lewis in Birmingham the other week.

Otherwise, click here to check out the full collection.

New York in Pictures - Day 5

19 April 2016

New York in Pictures by Laura Lewis
I woke up on my last day in NYC to grey skies and rain.

Begrudgingly getting out of bed, I decided it was best to make a start on packing my suitcases.

As we were catching a red-eye flight home, it meant we had pretty much a whole day to do whatever we felt like.

Obviously, we chose to shop.
New York in Pictures by Laura Lewis
New York in Pictures by Laura Lewis
Catching a cab uptown with the girls, our first port of call was a little visit to Kate Spade.

I'm a HUGE fan of the brand, so visiting the townhouse store on Madison was a dream. We instantly forgot about the weather outside as we fell in love with the new collections.
New York in Pictures by Laura Lewis
New York in Pictures by Laura Lewis
After purchasing a couple of treats, we headed down Madison Avenue in search of more retail therapy and popped into the MOMA, bypassing the huge crowds and heading in the direction of the Gift Shop.

Then it was on to the Rockefeller centre for a visit to J Crew, before dashing back to the hotel to cram my purchases into my suitcase and check out.
New York in Pictures by Laura Lewis
We met back up for one last hot chocolate at my favourite spot and then over to Sephora to get a couple of last minute pieces.
New York in Pictures by Laura Lewis
Before long, it was time to say goodbye to the rest of the group and head to the airport for our flight back home.

New York was such an amazing trip. After such a tough few months in my personal life it was lovely to get away and look at it from a distance. For me, it was one of those trips that made me very grateful to have such amazing friends and family,  and to realise what's important in life.

New York, you helped me in more ways than you'll ever realise.

I'll be back soon

New York in Pictures: Day 4

18 April 2016

New York in Pictures by What Laura did Next
Day 4 in NYC got a little touristy.

It was Easter Sunday so a fair few shops were closed for the day. After a bit of a lie in we headed off to Chelsea Market in search of food.

and boy, was there a lot of food to choose from.

A couple of things caught our eyes and rumbling stomachs, both at the same place and totally naughty....
New York in Pictures by What Laura did Next
Yep, those bad boys are deep fried Oreos washed down with a chocolate peanut butter milkshake.

hfskhkfnbvoxij (wiping dribble off the keyboard)

It's safe to say I definitely came back to the UK a few pounds heavier!

We then waddled our way down to the Whitney for a little culture

Aside from a beautiful Jackson Pollock painting, the Whitney was a tad disappointing if I'm honest!
New York in Pictures by What Laura did Next
Coat (sold out) // Dress // Bag // Boots

Then it was on to the main event....
New York in Pictures by What Laura did Next
Hello from the top of the One World Observatory!

We spent a good hour pointing out various landmarks, sending photos back home to our family and friends (yey to free wifi!) and taking in the leg-wobbling views.

I highly recommend it if you're planning a visit - the views are stunning.
New York in Pictures by What Laura did Next
It was then back down to earth and on to Wall Street which, as it was a Sunday was a total ghost town!
New York in Pictures by What Laura did Next 
In need of a refreshment, we hopped into a cab and headed back uptown for Mojito's at The Ace Hotel where we watched the world (and a couple of famous faces) walk by.
New York in Pictures by What Laura did Next
Then it was on to Times Square which we walked as quick as we could through, dodging the people dressed up as superheroes/muppets/babies and headed to Grand Central station to hunt down Oysters.
New York in Pictures by What Laura did Next
Which was sadly closed, but we settled for cocktails in The Campbell Apartment where I had a total Gossip Girl moment as it's used in a few episodes.

We grabbed some Mexican food before heading back to our hotels to rest our achey feet ready for our next day, which was to be our last.
New York in Pictures by What Laura did Next
Coming tomorrow!

Bobbi Brown Bridal Beauty

15 April 2016

Bobbi Brown Bridal Beauty by What Laura did Next
Bobbi Brown Bridal Beauty by What Laura did Next
More and more brides are taking a leaf out of Kate Middleton's book, and doing their own Bridal makeup. Not only does this cut costs, it also means you can maintain your signature look without worrying about a makeup artist overdoing it with the eyeliner or bronzer. With that in mind, and me being a bit of huge control freak - I've made the decision to do my own makeup on my wedding day.

I'm hoping by going DIY, I can make it as natural as possible but still reach wedding beauty goals - longevity and a perfect photo finish. Finding the perfect lip colour that isn't going to need too much on-the-day maintenance, tracking down the perfect base - not too heavy but great coverage, and choosing eye makeup that won't be halfway down my face if happy tears occur are the ultimate goals.

Thankfully, I have a few months to do my research.

I don't plan on making it up on the day (excuse the pun) so, I'm going to try out a few make-up lessons that some of my favourite beauty brands offer, just so I know what I'm doing.

Bobbi Brown is a brand that kept popping up when I googled Bridal beauty so, I booked in an appointment at my local store and persuaded my best friend, and fellow bride-to-be Sara to come along. Bobbi Brown offers a number of makeup lessons, and have a specific one targeted for brides-to-be. Lasting an hour, the tailor-made lesson helps you find the perfect Bobbi Brown bridal beauty look. What's more...they're free with no pressure to purchase anything after, and you come away with some great beauty tips and tricks.
Bobbi Brown Bridal Beauty by What Laura did Next
The lovely lady I had was brilliant and gave some great advice. Aside from the eye liner which was just a little too heavy for me, I was really pleased with the look and came away feeling a little more confident at doing the DIY look on my wedding day.

You even get a sheet to take away with you which has all the products that were used during the lesson. 

You can book a lesson at your local store or Bobbi Brown makeup counter now. I highly recommend it, and will probably go back nearer to my wedding date to try a couple more looks. 

A day in Lewes

12 April 2016

A day in Lewes by What Laura did Next
A day in Lewes by What Laura did Next
A day in Lewes by What Laura did Next
A day in Lewes by What Laura did Next
A day in Lewes by What Laura did Next
A day in Lewes by What Laura did Next
A day in Lewes by What Laura did Next
A day in Lewes by What Laura did Next
A day in Lewes by What Laura did Next
Lewes is about a 15 minute drive from Brighton, and is one of my favourite places to walk around without having to go too far. Full of antique shops, pretty instagrammable houses and one-off coffee shops and restaurants it's definitely worth a visit.

Carrie and I took a little drive over there a few weeks ago for a little wander around. Obviously the cameras came with us, and we had to stop at my favourite place to eat there - The Hearth. Situated above Lewes bus station (don't let that put you off) this places smashes out some of the best pizza I've had outside of Italy plus, their homemade salted caramel tart is possibly one of the best things to put in your mouth.

The Sephora Haul

10 April 2016

The Sephora Haul by What Laura did Next
It's safe to say, I went to a fair few Sephora's.

Everytime I was near one I had to go in. 

I had time to plan my visit(s) to the mothership - a lot of research went into this before I'd even set foot on US soil (thanks to anyone who sent me recommendations). But, I did also try and go in with a bit of a clear head as well. 

One thing I will warn you about when shopping in Sephora – they have some amazing travel size products that they have displayed whilst you’re queuing to pay and, every time I caved and added one or two items to my basket – Sephora is very clever!

So here it is – my purchases – I'll be posting my haul form the gem-filled drugstores next week.

It may have been a little troublesome to close my suitcase on the way home…
The Sephora Haul by What Laura did Next
Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks (L-R: Lolita, Mother & Berlin)
These were top of my list, and although there seemed to be a Manhattan-wide shortage of shades, I managed to pick up these 3. I’ve got to say, I’ve been wearing them so much since I bought them and they totally live up to the hype…I may have even put in an order for a couple more shades with my friend who is off to the US very soon…whoops!

Too Faced Love Flush Blush (Love Hangover)
I mean….just look at it! I’m such a sucker for packaging, and I have to be honest – I pretty much got this because it reminds me of the Polly Pocket toys that used to be around. The shade is lovely though, and I will be testing it out soon.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz (Soft Brown)
Now, this was bought on a whim and I’ve heard good and bad things about it. I haven’t tried it out yet as I’m still in love with my Charlotte Tilbury brow pencil but, I’ll let you know my thoughts as soon as I do.

Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Primer
I’ve been after a new primer for a while, and I wanted to try out something from March Jacobs beauty line so I bought this on a whim. It was the most expensive product I purchased from Sephora but, after reading a couple of reviews whilst in the store (yey to free wifi!) I decided to go for it. I’ve got to say it smells amazing! I’ll report back once I’ve tried it out properly.

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick (Frostbite)
Currently exclusive to Sephora this line is fairly new, having only launched this year. I’d heard a couple of things about it before heading out to NYC, and was curious to see what it was like. I’ve got to say this shadowstick is such a lovely shade and it blends well. The only downside, it’s quite ‘sticky’ on the eyelids.
The Sephora Haul by What Laura did Next
Sephora sleeping masks
I bought a few of these sleeping masks as they were pretty cheap. They’re really nice and haven’t upset my skin at all, so I recommend these if you’re heading over soon.

Prada candy & Daisy Eau so fresh eau de toilette rollerball 
Why oh why can you not get these in the UK?! Sephora literally has stands dedicated to these in their stores. I hate lugging my heavy perfume bottles around when I travel, so these are the handiest thing ever.

Sephora mini solid brusher cleaner
This was one of those items that went in to my basket as I was waiting to pay. I haven't used it yet, but I'm hoping it will come in handy when I'm on my travels.

Beauty Blender
One thing that you can't not buy when you visit Sephora, is one of these. Hands up, I've never actually used one but, I've been told these are a totally face changer so will be having a play with it very soon.

Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base
This was actually one of the products you could get with the points you make on your purchases. I'm actually fairly impressed with BB's skincare - their face masks are great, so I'm hoping this will live up to its expectations.

Living Proof Perfect hair Day 5-in-1 styling treatment
I saw two of my favourite beauty blogging babes, Anna and Lily mention this on their blogs/vlogs a while back, and as you can't get it easily in the UK, I thought I'd grab a bottle whilst in the US. I haven't used it yet - I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair but can't wait to try it out.

There you have it! My Sephora haul. I could've seriously bought back a lot more - thankfully they ship to the UK so I'll be grabbing some more Kat Von D liquid lipsticks very soon.

New York in Pictures - Day 3

8 April 2016

New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
It's not a Saturday morning without a hot chocolate for me, and I was not going to stop a tradition I've been working long and hard on just because I was across the Atlantic.

This one was a perfect way to start the day.

Just look at that marshmallow!

After a bit of people watching, and taking serious advantage of the bakery's free wifi to work out my route, I headed off for a walk downtown in search of breakfast. 
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
New York in Spring is beautiful. There are a lot of green spaces in the city and, so many magnolia and blossom trees in bloom. 

Heading to the Nolita area of Manhattan, I only had one thing on my mind - brunch.

Not just any brunch as well - something simple but what I'd spent a lot of time craving about since I set foot on New York soil.

Black Seed Bagels are the best bagels around (sorry Bagelman) freshly made in store, I ordered my favourite (Lox, obvs) and watched the guys working hard making bagels whilst I waited.
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
It's a thing of beauty....
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
Ok, one last close up.

*dribbles on keyboard*
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
After demolishing that bagel in record time, I headed further Downtown to pay a visit to Glossier's penthouse. They're a beauty brand based in NYC and currently don't ship to the UK, which I'm hoping (as well as a lot of other people) will change soon.

I was lucky enough to be in town on a day they were opening up their penthouse for beauty obsessed people like me to go and try out their products, and make a few purchases.

Which, is exactly what I did.

To be honest, they deserve their own post, so watch this space!
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
After a very unsuccessful and rude experience with Uber, I went to meet a couple of the girls for lunch in the Meatpacking district - my wedding dress diet clearly got lost somewhere between Heathrow and Newark!
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
To be fair, my attitude to food whilst out there was go hard, or go home and I most definitely wasn't going to do the latter!

After lunch the girls headed back to their hotel to nap, whilst I dropped in to the hottest department store ever, Macy's to pick up a few bits and take advantage of their Easter weekend discount. Cheap Levi's ftw! 

Then it was back to my room, for a little Kardashian's session (having E! in my hotel room was a highlight!) whilst getting ready for dinner in Nolita with the whole gang. 
New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
Head-to-toe in Topshop with a little bit of Whistles faux fur to keep me warm

New York in pictures by Laura Lewis
I think I ate a whole weeks worth of calories in one day but, it was totally worth every mouthful!

Day 4 up soon x