Deliveroo does Breakfast

29 April 2016

Deliveroo does Breakfast by Laura Lewis
Last week, Deliveroo announced they were launching a breakfast service down here in Brighton. Partnering with 10 breakfast haunts in Brighton, they will be offering a weekend breakfast delivery service between 9am - 12noon on Saturday and Sunday's. 

I was given the opportunity to try out this new service last weekend, and the timing was perfect. After several Espresso Martini's on the Saturday night, it was safe to say I was a little hungover when I woke up Sunday morning, and I was craving bacon and eggs.

With no food in the fridge, and no energy to go out, I logged into the Deliveroo app and had a look to see what was on offer. 

We chose to get breakfast bagels from Bagelman, which arrived earlier than scheduled (no complaints there) and really hot. I curled up in bed and devoured it within minutes.
Deliveroo does Breakfast by Laura Lewis
Feeling a tad guilty and, needing something a little healthy I placed an order with Boost Juice Bar and within half an hour, our fresh smoothies had arrived. 

Breakfast delivered to your door without having to cook or get out of your PJ's

That's what I call a perfect Sunday morning. 

Brighton residents can now use the Deliveroo site or app to order their breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, which will be delivered by Deliveroo riders, who aim to deliver your food from the restaurant kitchen to your door in 32 minutes.

Eatalio, Bagelman, Boost Juice Bar, Mojo Coffee House, Croque Shop, Raise Bakery, Edendum, V&H Café and Joe’s Café will now all be available to order from, with delivery starting from 9am until 12pm. The weekend service, which launches from Saturday 30 April will be the first of its kind for Deliveroo outside of London, who have been successfully delivering some of Brighton’s most loved dishes to its residents for the past four months.

To download the Deliveroo app visit

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