Bobbi Brown Bridal Beauty

15 April 2016

Bobbi Brown Bridal Beauty by What Laura did Next
Bobbi Brown Bridal Beauty by What Laura did Next
More and more brides are taking a leaf out of Kate Middleton's book, and doing their own Bridal makeup. Not only does this cut costs, it also means you can maintain your signature look without worrying about a makeup artist overdoing it with the eyeliner or bronzer. With that in mind, and me being a bit of huge control freak - I've made the decision to do my own makeup on my wedding day.

I'm hoping by going DIY, I can make it as natural as possible but still reach wedding beauty goals - longevity and a perfect photo finish. Finding the perfect lip colour that isn't going to need too much on-the-day maintenance, tracking down the perfect base - not too heavy but great coverage, and choosing eye makeup that won't be halfway down my face if happy tears occur are the ultimate goals.

Thankfully, I have a few months to do my research.

I don't plan on making it up on the day (excuse the pun) so, I'm going to try out a few make-up lessons that some of my favourite beauty brands offer, just so I know what I'm doing.

Bobbi Brown is a brand that kept popping up when I googled Bridal beauty so, I booked in an appointment at my local store and persuaded my best friend, and fellow bride-to-be Sara to come along. Bobbi Brown offers a number of makeup lessons, and have a specific one targeted for brides-to-be. Lasting an hour, the tailor-made lesson helps you find the perfect Bobbi Brown bridal beauty look. What's more...they're free with no pressure to purchase anything after, and you come away with some great beauty tips and tricks.
Bobbi Brown Bridal Beauty by What Laura did Next
The lovely lady I had was brilliant and gave some great advice. Aside from the eye liner which was just a little too heavy for me, I was really pleased with the look and came away feeling a little more confident at doing the DIY look on my wedding day.

You even get a sheet to take away with you which has all the products that were used during the lesson. 

You can book a lesson at your local store or Bobbi Brown makeup counter now. I highly recommend it, and will probably go back nearer to my wedding date to try a couple more looks. 

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