The Weekly Edit: Whistles SS17

30 April 2017

The Weekly Edit: Whistles SS17 by Laura Lewis

Whistles is one of my favourite stores on the high street. Although it may be a little expensive, the quality is brilliant and, if you're into the transitional wardrobe like me they have some seriously stylish pieces for this season and beyond.

Their SS17 collection is full of ruffled dresses, breezy jumpsuits, and off-the-shoulder tops mixed with cropped pants in a variety of versatile cuts. It's the perfect go-to brand for chic, wardrobe staples. 

Charlotte Tilbury Quick 'N' Easy Makeup

28 April 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Quick 'N' Easy Makeup by Laura Lewis
Charlotte Tilbury keeps bashing out the most awesome of products, and one she launched earlier this year didn't disappoint. 

Introducing the Quick 'N' Easy makeup kits. 

If like me you choose an extra 10 minutes in bed over more time on your face in the mornings, then these kits are perfect for you. Inspired by the glow-giving quick-kits Charlotte Tilbury gives to supermodels and celebrities backstage, these Quick 'N' Easy makeup kits are magical! 

What's even better is that they're great for on the go - no brushes are needed, which for me is an added bonus! 

There are four looks to choose from. Each are designed for every day, mood and moment. Each kit comes in a beautiful burgundy trimmed translucent cosmetic bag with rose gold kisses and zipper. These bags are beautiful and I always love makeup bags that allow you to see what’s inside - I've been using it as my beauty bag for when I fly - much more glam than the ones you pick up at the airport!
Charlotte Tilbury Quick 'N' Easy Makeup by Laura Lewis
I was sent the Natural Glowing kit, which features the following;

Mini Wonderglow
Mini Legendary Lashes
Color Chameleon in Amber Haze
Matte Revolution in Very Victoria
Beach Stick in Moon Beach

I think these are wonderful and, the ‘quick’ fix marketing spin aside, a really good introduction to the Tilbury range if you haven't tried any of her products out before.

Unfortunately, the Natural Glowing Look kit is out of stock on the CT website. But you can pick up the other three kits here and here

24 Hours in...Sydney

26 April 2017

24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
As I said in this post, I'm going to be travelling a fair amount with work this year, and so I've decided to start a new series on WLDN. As I'll have a small amount of time in each city I visit, I thought it would be quite fun to share my time in these cities with you on here. Think of them as mini travel guides - things to do in the city in 24 hrs.

The first one is pretty epic...

Here is my 24 hrs in Sydney!
24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
If you follow me on social media you'll know that at the end of February, I was in Sydney. I was only there for four days (three nights) and a lot of those days were spent working but, I did manage to see a little bit of the city, and tick off a few sights that I was keen to see.
24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
The Grace Hotel is situated in the perfect location to explore the city. The rooms are spacious, and they have a roof terrace and pool - perfect for a spot of sunbathing!

The Grace Hotel, 77 York St, Sydney

24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
The Sydney Opera House is up there with the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty, and seeing it in person was pretty awesome. One of the best ways to see it is by water - we got a ferry over to Milsons Point, which takes you under Sydney's other amazing landmark - the Harbor Bridge. 

Other things to check out: Gardens of Alexandria, Luna Park, Bondi Beach (and a whole lotta others!)

24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
Ripples is located right under Sydney Harbor Bridge, giving you the perfect views back across the city. The food is pretty decent as well. 

Ripples, Olympic Drive, Milsons Point

24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
If you're a Londoner, then you'll of heard of Granger & Co. Bill's was setup by the same guy behind those restaurants. Rather confusingly, they are not associated with the restaurant chain with the same name that are over here in the UK! There's a few of them around Sydney offering up some pretty yummy Aussie food - their scrambled eggs are the best! 

Bill's, various locations

24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
If you're after something a little fancy, head to the Opera House where you'll find Bennelong. Situated inside the Opera House, with some pretty amazing views, you'll find this a little hard to beat.

Bennelong, Sydney Opera House

24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
Another one with some pretty crazy views, is the Opera Bar. The cocktails are great, and the food menu showcases local suppliers. It's a casual affair and if you can grab a seat out on the terrace, then you'll have the most amazing views of Sydney.

Opera Bar, Sydney Opera House, Lower Concourse Level

24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
With over 40 unique flavours (including Very Salty Nuts - oooer!) Gelato Messina is somewhat of an institution in Sydney - they've even teamed up with Tim Tams and created several flavours. 

Gelato Messina, various locations

24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
Obviously I managed to fit in some retail therapy whilst in Sydney. Our hotel was right in the middle of the main shopping district, so it was easy enough to navigate. They have a HUGE Westfield shopping centre, but my favourite place was the Queen Victoria Building, which was full of great boutiques and chains (including my new favourite store, MECCA MAXIMA)

Queen Victoria Building, 455 George Street

24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis
24 Hours in...Sydney by Laura Lewis

There is so much to do and see in Sydney, and 24 hours was definitely not long enough!

Newness and facing my fears

23 April 2017

pink H&M Jumper
Jumper: Sold out similar here // Bag: Sophie Hulme // Boots: Topshop

I'm back, and I bring a new look to What Laura did Next - Do you like? Because I LOVE! 

In all honesty, I didn’t mean to take this long a break. I kept trying to write this post, but then failing miserably for various reasons. For one, I’ve been really busy with work, which has meant that I’ve rarely picked up my laptop when I get home from the office. 

After being out of the blogging game since December last year (time really does fly) I found that the thought of starting up WLDN again became a pretty scary feeling. It had me really wondering if people would read my blog after being away for what feels like a long time. 

You may be thinking I'm worrying over nothing, and that I'm overthinking. However, if you follow me on Instagram, and have watched my random ramblings on my Instagram stories, you’ll know I’ve not been in the best frame of mind recently.

Dealing with my anxiety has been a huge pain in the arse recently. I've had anxiety off and on since I was young and I've always said that what's really frustrating for me, is that I'm constantly living in fear. I can't do anything spontaneous - everything has to be thought about for a long time.  It really is a horrid feeling, and can come and go very quickly. Most days, I do feel like it’s following me around like a lost puppy, however, deep down, I know it's not really there. But controlling it is hard - I mean, it’s not a physical object but it can really feel like it, and at times has made me feel like I'm being suffocated by it. 

I’ve struggled a lot recently and have found myself scared about pretty much everything, and whilst it’s a work in progress for me right now, the one thing I’m trying to do is tick things off my mental to do list to help myself. 

Re-launching this blog is one of them. 

I’ve learnt over the last few years, life is too damn short to not try things and to give up on something you love, which is another reason as to why this blog deserves a go. 

So, I've given WLDN a little makeover, and with that I bring some slight changes as well....

Fashion /Style
When I first started WLDN, it was 100% fashion-focused, and although I won't be going back to that, I will be posting regularly on fashion related things. For example, my 'edits' that I know a lot of my readers love will be straight up fashion, posted once a week and will feature items from the high street as well as designer brands. 

Beauty & Lifestyle
Nothing is changing on this front really. I still have some wedding related posts to go up - 7 months after I got married, but it's a great excuse to revisit the day! I've also managed to accumulate a lot of beauty products whilst I've been on my break, so stay tuned for plenty of reviews. 

Around the same time I got married, I started a new job. It's a huge step in my career in the events industry, and a very exciting one as well, as I get to travel a bit. So, I've decided to introduce a few more travel related posts, with my recent trip to Sydney on here in the next couple of days!

I'm will try and post regularly, but I'm not going to obsess about it - I have more important things to worry about! But, I do hope you keep an eye on what I get up to. Remember, you can also check me out on Instagram and Twitter as well - go follow me if you don't already! 

Welcome back x