Newness and facing my fears

23 April 2017

pink H&M Jumper
Jumper: Sold out similar here // Bag: Sophie Hulme // Boots: Topshop

I'm back, and I bring a new look to What Laura did Next - Do you like? Because I LOVE! 

In all honesty, I didn’t mean to take this long a break. I kept trying to write this post, but then failing miserably for various reasons. For one, I’ve been really busy with work, which has meant that I’ve rarely picked up my laptop when I get home from the office. 

After being out of the blogging game since December last year (time really does fly) I found that the thought of starting up WLDN again became a pretty scary feeling. It had me really wondering if people would read my blog after being away for what feels like a long time. 

You may be thinking I'm worrying over nothing, and that I'm overthinking. However, if you follow me on Instagram, and have watched my random ramblings on my Instagram stories, you’ll know I’ve not been in the best frame of mind recently.

Dealing with my anxiety has been a huge pain in the arse recently. I've had anxiety off and on since I was young and I've always said that what's really frustrating for me, is that I'm constantly living in fear. I can't do anything spontaneous - everything has to be thought about for a long time.  It really is a horrid feeling, and can come and go very quickly. Most days, I do feel like it’s following me around like a lost puppy, however, deep down, I know it's not really there. But controlling it is hard - I mean, it’s not a physical object but it can really feel like it, and at times has made me feel like I'm being suffocated by it. 

I’ve struggled a lot recently and have found myself scared about pretty much everything, and whilst it’s a work in progress for me right now, the one thing I’m trying to do is tick things off my mental to do list to help myself. 

Re-launching this blog is one of them. 

I’ve learnt over the last few years, life is too damn short to not try things and to give up on something you love, which is another reason as to why this blog deserves a go. 

So, I've given WLDN a little makeover, and with that I bring some slight changes as well....

Fashion /Style
When I first started WLDN, it was 100% fashion-focused, and although I won't be going back to that, I will be posting regularly on fashion related things. For example, my 'edits' that I know a lot of my readers love will be straight up fashion, posted once a week and will feature items from the high street as well as designer brands. 

Beauty & Lifestyle
Nothing is changing on this front really. I still have some wedding related posts to go up - 7 months after I got married, but it's a great excuse to revisit the day! I've also managed to accumulate a lot of beauty products whilst I've been on my break, so stay tuned for plenty of reviews. 

Around the same time I got married, I started a new job. It's a huge step in my career in the events industry, and a very exciting one as well, as I get to travel a bit. So, I've decided to introduce a few more travel related posts, with my recent trip to Sydney on here in the next couple of days!

I'm will try and post regularly, but I'm not going to obsess about it - I have more important things to worry about! But, I do hope you keep an eye on what I get up to. Remember, you can also check me out on Instagram and Twitter as well - go follow me if you don't already! 

Welcome back x

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