Charlotte Tilbury Quick 'N' Easy Makeup

28 April 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Quick 'N' Easy Makeup by Laura Lewis
Charlotte Tilbury keeps bashing out the most awesome of products, and one she launched earlier this year didn't disappoint. 

Introducing the Quick 'N' Easy makeup kits. 

If like me you choose an extra 10 minutes in bed over more time on your face in the mornings, then these kits are perfect for you. Inspired by the glow-giving quick-kits Charlotte Tilbury gives to supermodels and celebrities backstage, these Quick 'N' Easy makeup kits are magical! 

What's even better is that they're great for on the go - no brushes are needed, which for me is an added bonus! 

There are four looks to choose from. Each are designed for every day, mood and moment. Each kit comes in a beautiful burgundy trimmed translucent cosmetic bag with rose gold kisses and zipper. These bags are beautiful and I always love makeup bags that allow you to see what’s inside - I've been using it as my beauty bag for when I fly - much more glam than the ones you pick up at the airport!
Charlotte Tilbury Quick 'N' Easy Makeup by Laura Lewis
I was sent the Natural Glowing kit, which features the following;

Mini Wonderglow
Mini Legendary Lashes
Color Chameleon in Amber Haze
Matte Revolution in Very Victoria
Beach Stick in Moon Beach

I think these are wonderful and, the ‘quick’ fix marketing spin aside, a really good introduction to the Tilbury range if you haven't tried any of her products out before.

Unfortunately, the Natural Glowing Look kit is out of stock on the CT website. But you can pick up the other three kits here and here

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