Girl Vs Cancer

16 June 2017

This ain't the first time I've spoken about cancer on this blog, and I'm sure it won't be the last. 

It's the dreaded word that none of us hope to face, but when 1 in 3 people are likely to get some form of it, it can be hard to avoid talking about it.  

Most of you will know that my mum got diagnosed with it around 18 months ago. My family have been pretty open about my mum - that was one thing she wanted from the beginning of her diagnosis, to not be afraid to talk about it and so, we haven't and I continue now to talk about it as much as I can and want because we find it actually helps deal with it. 
You can read about more in a post I wrote here.

But, talking and writing about it is nowhere near as difficult as going through it. Which is why I can’t begin to imagine what my mum is going through, even though I’m watching it all unfold in front of me. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - she’s a bloody legend and one hell of an inspiration. 
Girl Vs Cancer T Shirt
Which brings me to another amazing and inspiring lady...

Lauren is the lady behind the blog Girl Stole London, and one I’ve been following for yonks! She’s my age, and has been tackling the bitch that is breast cancer. She’s been dealing with it in the most hilarious, expressive and moving way that the whole taboo surrounding cancer vanishes when you read her posts on her blog and social media. 

To say she’s an inspiration, just like my mama is an understatement. 

Cancer is hard to deal with, but no one really thinks about all the baggage that goes with having the disease. The side effects can be insane (my mum ended up in hospital the other week due to one of these) and it also puts you out of work for months. Which means, you can struggle financially due to low sick pay and / or no health insurance. 

Statutory sick pay is around £350 per month, which means paying rent and doing the food shop is near on impossible. 

Yep. Not great at all, right? and not something you want to worry about when you're going through treatment. 

Like my mum, Lauren hasn’t let the big C word (no, not that one you naughty scamps!) get in the way.  She has created a collection of amazing titty t-shirts which has totally blown my mind (and many others) as very few people could think of a business idea whilst having chemo and dealing with the side effects, but Lauren is clearly on another level!
Girl Vs Cancer T Shirt
Each t-shirt is priced at £28, with 25% of profits going straight to supporting Breast Cancer Care, with the remaining dollar keeping Lauren on her feet until she is able to head back to work. The first run of tees sold out quick, and a restock has happened this week with a couple of new slogans thrown in to the mix coming very soon. 
Girl Vs Cancer T Shirt
So, treat yourself to a tit-tee and support a mahoosive cause. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GIRLvsCANCER and follow Lauren’s story on her blog and Instagram.  

Photos by the wonderful Carrie from  One Pleasant Day

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