Tips for Beating Jet Lag

7 June 2017

Tips for Beating Jet Lag
I'm going to be honest here.

Jet lag fucking sucks.

I had it so bad in Sydney back in Feb, that I vowed to beat it the next time I flew long-haul and, I think I can safely say that although it's difficult to avoid it, there are some ways of making it a little easier on the body and mind. 

So, here are my tips on beating jet lag. 


Drink Plenty of Liquids
It’s always been advised to stay hydrated on the plane, I always grab a litre bottle of water at the airport, after security to take on the flight with me as the small bottles they give to you on the plane don't cut it. If you’re going to drink alcohol on the plane (which I always, always do - it's free, so why not?!), alternate with water.

To sleep or not to?
I'm a huge believer in trying to get on the time zone of your current whereabouts / destination as soon as possible - Do whatever it takes to stay awake during the first couple of days, so that you are on a normal schedule in your new time zone - adopt this approach also when you're back home. It can prove slightly tricky on the plane but, don't be tempted to nap when you arrive unless it's nighttime! Take the time on your flight to enjoy the free drinks and catch up on films. Although, that being said, if you’re on a night flight that lands in Sydney first thing in the morning like I was (as they often do), a few hours of sleep won’t hurt as you’ll need energy to conquer a full first day on the ground.

Don't cut calories
EAT! You'll probably ease into this anyways as airplane meals are likely to happen out of your normal eating schedule. I've found that my jet lag can be even worse if I haven't eaten much on the plane. Depending where you're off to, you may be asleep at times when you'd normally eat at home. My appetite was so out of sync when I was in Sydney because of this! So, try to go to bed full and not the least bit hungry. 
Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Homeward Bound
When you arrive home from a trip, if possible, give yourself a free day before returning to responsibilities. A stressed mind can keep you awake. If you land and have, “I have so much to do, I can’t think straight!” running through your mind, you won’t sleep. Try to organise yourself so all you have to do is laundry, sort emails, and a few chores the day after you return from a trip.

Pretend Like You Don’t Have Jet Lag
This is harder to do when you return home and lack the adrenaline rush of being on holiday / work trip. But, the best way to get over jet lag is to power through it as if you don’t have it. Get into denial mode if you can and ignore the fact that it may be breakfast time where you were, but it's actually dinner time back in your house.

A little pamper
Now, this is very indulgent but so good especially if you're travelling long-haul. Book yourself in for a massage and even a facial. This will help your body so much after sitting on an airplane - it will help to reduce swelling, get your circulation flowing and recharge your skin. 

There you have it. My jet lag tips. I am NO expert but I hope these help next time you fly. Let me know if you have any tips I haven't thought of in this post.  

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