US Drugstore Beauty Haul

22 April 2016

US Drugstore Beauty Haul by What Laura did Next
I'd heard so much about the typical US drugstore, that I couldn't wait to pay them a visit. 

Turns out I had a Duane Reade right on the corner of the block my hotel was on and I'm going to put my hand up and admit that I was in there at least once a day.

But, when they have pretty much everything under one roof, how can you not?!

Aside from a late night visit (my local one was open 24 hours) to buy some hardcore flu medicine, I didn't go too crazy in there. I picked up a helluva lot of candy (mint Oreos for the win) and of course the amazing eos lip balms that cost about £7 over here, but only $4 in the US (about £2.80).

The only makeup I bought was from Wet n Wild - a brand we can't get over here and that is cheap but the products are pretty decent. I also picked up a nail polish from Essie's new range and then I found my favourite cleanser and moisturiser in miniature form, so they were in my shopping basket straight away.
US Drugstore Beauty Haul by What Laura did Next
The other two items I picked up were mainly for the novelty of them - the Colgate travel toothbrushes that seem like such a good invention, and the teeny tiny pot of Vaseline which I've not stopped using since being back.

I honestly wish I'd bought back more from Duane Reade and Bed, Bath and Beyond - that store is crazy! I got lost in there and freaked out a little as I could not find the exit for the life of me! But I soon calmed down as soon as I found the huge wall dedicated to mini sized beauty and toiletry products.

You know how crazy I go for mini-sized beauty products

I'll be straight back there when I visit NYC next year! 

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