The apps that help my blogging life...

24 April 2016

The apps that help my blogging life by Laura Lewis
Now I’m not the most clued up of bloggers, but I thought I’d do a bit of an informative post on some of the apps I use on the go as sometimes they can be really informative – I know I’ve picked up some tips and tricks from various bloggers in the past!

A ColorStory
This app is by the gals behind one of my favourite blogs – A Beautiful Mess. Recommended to me by the lovely Carrie (who’s Instagram is totally dreamy FYI) A ColorStory is full of filters, effects and tools to help you enhance your photos. What’s great about it is that you can make your own filter and save it for future use.
The apps that help my blogging life by Laura Lewis
Photo edited using A ColorStory
Shoes: Topshop
I’m in a bit of a love-hate relationship with Hootsuite. One minute I think it’s a total blog-saver, and the next I’m all frustrated and thinking of deleting my account. I tend to use this more as a website than an app as you can bulk upload future tweets. I know some people tend to frown on scheduled tweets, and it does totally defeat the point of your Instagram post being…instant, but I’ve found it to be really useful – especially when I’m away and can’t promote a blog post.

Later (previously known as Latergramme)
Ok, ok I have two Instagram-related scheduling apps. Most of the time I do use Hootsuite, but sometimes I use Latergramme as you can store pictures and captions (plus, it’s free). This is great as it means I can keep an eye on what my feed is looking like and if I need to change anything up a bit.

Well, this isn't exactly an app - Picasa is a program where you can edit pictures and create collages. It's made by Google, is free to download and is so easy to use. I create all my collages that are featured on WLDN on this. 
The apps that help my blogging life by Laura Lewis
Collages using Picasa

Google Calendar
This is a bit of a boring one but it really helps me keep organised in day-to-day life, as well as my blog life. I still use my Kate Spade Agenda but, I like to input all my posts into this app so I can see what post is going up, and when.  Plus I can sync it with the calendar on my desktop as well and it comes with a to-do list function which, I rely on on a daily basis.

That's it! Fairly simple really. Let me know any favourites that you have - I'm always interested in new ones.

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