Lights of Soho presents God's Own Junkyard.

27 January 2015

One of the things I want to do more of in 2015, is explore London.

I know it well already - I've studied, interned and worked up there over the last 10 years. 

However, there is so many things to do, see and eat up there that I feel like I'm missing out. 

I live less than an hour away (when the trains are actually working) and, some of my favourite people live there. So, there really is no excuse to spend some of my free time up there.

Recently, I went to see my little brother to catch up over lunch and lots of hot chocolate. 

I decided to drag him along to an exhibition I've been longing to see. 

and, it didn't disappoint.
The late Chris Bracey, who sadly passed away towards the end of last year, was the man behind the neon signs of the Soho sex shops. His 40-year career included some of his work featuring in films such as Bladerunner and Batman. 

After his death in November, Lights of Soho opened up a pop-up gallery, taking his work back to its roots and celebrating his career.   
There's something for everyone - from tongue-in-cheek to romantic and funny pieces, it really was a great sight to see. 

Sadly, this exhibition ended last weekend. But, if you ever fancy seeing his work (without visiting Soho's sex shops), jump on a train out to Walthamstow, where God's Own Junkyard, the neon treasure trove of a warehouse is based all year round. It's the biggest collection of neon signage outside of 'merica.

I've already put it on my list to visit this year. 

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