Toffee Vodka

10 January 2015

January can be a bit of a slow month. It always feels like pay day is a million years away, and after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, looking at your bank account will only make you cry.

This little recipe will ensure you're feeling chipper in no time. 

Plus, it costs under £12 to make and will last for a good few weeks. It's great for presents - you can decant it in to smaller bottles and give to friends, colleagues and family.

That's if you're still feeling generous after Christmas. I won't tell anyone if you keep it for personal consumption!

You may have seen me mention it in my Christmas cocktails post back in December (if you missed it, click here) when I used it in my Espresso and Toffee Martini. 

You will need:
Vodka - 70cl is enough. If you want to go bigger, you can. Totally up to you. 
Werther's Originals x 2 bags
An airtight container/jar - I've used a Kilner jar which you can pick up pretty easy (and cheaply) in supermarkets and homeware stores.
Toffee Vodka by What Laura did Next
First up, unwrap ALL the sweets. If you have an extra pair of hands, get them involved as it can get quite boring!
Toffee Vodka by What Laura did Next
Toffee Vodka by What Laura did Next
Place them all in a jar,  until you're left with a lovely pile of them.

Pour the whole bottle of Vodka into the jar....

....and seal the lid tight.

You then want to give it a little shake, to get the sweets interacting with the Vodka.
Toffee Vodka by What Laura did Next
Toffee Vodka by What Laura did Next
Leave it somewhere cold (Kitchen) for a couple of days, giving it a shake every time you walk past it, and then, once all the sweets have dissolved, it's good to go.

You can drink it on it's own, over some ice or, use it in a cocktail (it worked wonders in the Espresso Martini). 

I also mixed it with a little milk, popped a couple of ice cubes in and it was delicious.
Remember folks, drink responsibly. This Vodka could fuel a rocket so you don't want too much


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