No More White Bits: The New Fake Tan on the block

20 June 2014

Now, I'm not sure if I should get all excited about the lovely weather we're having as when I do it seems to disappear and rain! But, let's test this theory and hope I'm WRONG!

As it's now warm enough to get the legs and arms out I decided to dabble in a little fake tan. I've never used it before mainly because I'm one of *those* people that tan quite easily and, I've seen some right old fake tan disasters out there that's put me off! But, as my legs haven't seen the sun for about a year, I thought I would try some out so I don't scare people away with my very bright, white legs! 
Introducing No More White Bits. This is a relatively new fake tan brand and is from the team behind Anatomicals. The price point is really good - anything under a fiver is always going to win with me! I'm always dubious when it comes to cheap beauty products but this one is fab and goes on streak free without leaving you looking like an oompa loompa and smelling like a biscuit.
Available to buy in AsdaASOS, and Superdrug this product comes in a mousse formula in two different shades, gel and one with a little glitter in for a bit of shimmer! 

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