Glossier You

21 February 2018

Glossier You perfume
Ah, Glossier. When it comes to this beauty brand, chances are I’ve tried it, and love it. Ever since they launched in the UK last October, my love affair with the brand has got even bigger — no more long distance relationship between Brighton and New York, this brand is my no.1, ride or die beauty bae. 

When Glossier launched their first fragrance, I was intrigued. Make up and skincare are the focused products for the brand, and launching a fragrance is somewhat...brave, as it’s a real personal thing (in my opinion). It was also not what I was expecting when I first smelt it thanks to a sample they sent prior to it being released. It’s actually pretty classic — subtle, creamy, spicy, and it’s designed to enhance your own natural scent. 
Glossier You perfume
I’ve been using it since it launched in late 2017, and at first I was on the fence. Now, it’s my daily fragrance and has something about it that makes it so wearable and perfect for any occasion. With a base of ambrette, ambrox and musk, combined with the woody top notes of iris root and a drop of spicy pink pepper — it’s not overpowering, but inviting — I've had a fair few compliments on it, too. 

Trust me, you’re going to want to add this to your Glossier basket — get clicking now

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