Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Face Mask

29 March 2018

Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Face Mask
I love face masks to the point where I have a borderline obsession with them. Whilst in the US, getting my fix in Sephora, I stumbled across the creepiest looking face mask - it obviously had to be purchased without thinking about what it did! I’d heard of the skincare brand before, and already had one of their hero products in my basket, so in the face mask slipped without hesitation. Packaged in a soda-style cup, these may not be something everyone likes the look of at first sight, as the lid is a tiny, creepy face of a rubberized baby.  

Yes, really. 
Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Face Mask
Skincare brand, Dr Jart+ has just launched its Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot masks, a collection of four ‘do-it-yourself’ rubber masks. 

If you can get past the terrifying (or funny - depending on how you look at it) baby faced packaging, the rubber face masks work really well. Dr Jart+ has made the masks very user-friendly and less messy, thanks to the cup packaging. The cups ‘straw’ is actually a spatula used to mix the mask’s base, with the liquid ampule. 
Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Face Mask
The Science bit...
Rubber and gel masks apparently penetrate skin more deeply than sheet masks which is what these from Dr Jart + promise. Preparing the mask is really simple, and involves combining the two packs of ingredients, shaking it all up in the cup, and using a spatula to spread the mask all over your face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, and during that time, the consistency of the liquid mask turns rubbery, allowing you to peel the whole thing off in one go - or in my case, 3 goes!
Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Face Mask
The Shake & Shot mask comes in four different varieties: Soothing, Brightening, Hydro, and Firming. The Hydro Mask (the one I used) gives skin a shot of emollient, moisturizing vitamin B5 and a Dr. Jart+ special, called "expert moist complex," which is rich in amino acids and said to strengthen the skin barrier. 

Formulas include:
Shake & hot Rubber Hydro Mask (hydrates and helps retain moisture)
Shake & Shot Rubber Soothing Mask (calms sensitive, irritated skin)
Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening Mask (brightens dull skin)
Shake & Shot Rubber Firming Mask (Improves skin elasticity while firming)

I have to say, that when testing this rubber face mask out, I found it slightly tricky to apply, but pretty comfortable once on your face. The peeling is a bit creepy, but the results are great, leaving me with super hydrated skin, and a lovely glow. Needless to say, I totally believe this new (and easy to use) rubber mask is worth the hype.

You can purchase Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Face Masks instore and online at Selfridges (UK followers) and instore and online at Sephora.

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