My beauty essentials

12 January 2014

I thought I would post about something different. I sometimes mention a product that I may be using in a post but, I've never done a whole post dedicated to the beauty products I use. 

I've never really been a massive beauty product obsessive - this coming from someone who has a family member that works for a very well known cosmetic brand and has done all my life! But, over the last few months I'm starting to really get in to it.

If you have any products you love and can recommend, get in touch. It would be great to see what my readers use. 

Enjoy! x
Beauty Essentials by What Laura did Next
Perfume: Honey by Marc Jacobs
Nail Polishes: O.P.I (Muir Muir on the Wall) and Chanel (Pirate)
Make up bag: Alphabet bags
Foundation brush: Superdrug
Lightbulb vase: Merci
I cannot live without my Tangle Teezer and feel so lost if I don't have it. My hair is very fine and tangles so easily. This brush is magical, getting rid of my knots and tangles without any pain or tears.

I discovered heated rollers about three months ago and, they are a hair changer! Mine are by Babyliss and I cannot recommend them enough. Where my hair is so fine, these work perfectly and give my hair that volume and 'Jush' everyone wants. When I don't have time to use heated rollers and I want my hair to have some volume, I spritz some 'blow out spray' by John Frieda on my hair before drying it upside down.
Beauty Essentials by What Laura did Next
 Heated rollers: Babyliss via Boots
Tangle Teezer: Boots
Blow-out spray: John Frieda
My skin is extremely sensitive so, I have to be very careful with what I use. Bioderma Crealine TS H2O is perfect for my skin. It's the best make up remover AND cleansing water I've ever used. I only discovered it last year but, I'm obsessed! It's quite expensive to purchase over here so, I always have it on my shopping list when I go to Paris. The pharmacies over there are brilliant and the one I visit in the Marais district is brilliant - the staff are very helpful and know what is good for your skin. 

My moisturiser is also from Paris and something I was recommended by the staff in the pharmacie. It's by A-DERMA and is not too thick and heavy. I also use E45 cream before I go to bed. The lip balm is by Caudalie and is really good for keeping your lips nourished.
Beauty Essentials by What Laura did Next
 Bioderma Crealine TS H20:
RHEACALM Rich soothing cream: A-Derma
Lip balm: Caudalie
I don't wear much make up. The products you see below are all that I use and, I don't use each one everyday. When I'm not out socialising or at a work event I tend to just use my Touche Eclat and cream blush - unless I have a horrid spot then I will put a bit of concealer on it!

When I want a bit more coverage, I use my BB cream by Rimmel. I apply this, and some Clinique tinted moisturiser with a brush and then use a little Touche Eclat and my cream blush by MAC. I find that cream blushes work better on my face than powder ones - they last longer and the colour is so much better. I've been using YSL mascaras for the last couple of years and find them to work really well on my lashes. However, they are a massive bitch to get off!
Beauty Essentials by What Laura did Next
BB cream in 'Light': Rimmel 
Cremeblend Blush in 'Posey': MAC 
Select Cover-up concealer in 'NW20': MAC
Chubby Stick in 'Two ton tomato': Clinique
Tinted Moisturizer in 'Alabaster': Clinique
Touche Eclat: YSL via Boots
'Shocking' False lash effect mascara: YSL via Boots
Brush: Superdrug


  1. My Tangle Teezer changed my life! Okay, so maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration.... But they are fab. Pleased to see someone else who can't live without theirs too!

    I've just posted a 'daily make up' post over in my blog -

    Great post and great blog - definitely going in to my 'regular read' list!

    Aimee x

  2. Thanks Aimee! Your blog is lovely - that Bobby Brown blusher looks and sounds gorgeous! x