Drinking with Waitrose

15 October 2014

Last week, I was invited by the lovely team at Waitrose to try out some of their great selection of wines for the new season. 

I spent a good couple of hours travelling the world without even having to get on a plane or, leave their cookery school, where the event was held. 

First off, we stayed in the UK and headed to Sussex, Kent and Hampshire to try some of the homegrown delights us Brits have to offer. In recent years, English sparkling wine has started to emerge as the UK wine style receiving the most attention, winning awards left, right and centre. 
Drinking with Waitrose by What Laura did Next
One of my favourites I tried was Leckford Estate. Produced at the Waitrose vineyard in Hampshire (yes, they have a vineyard!) and new for 2014. Waitrose was the first supermarket to plant a vineyard and this sparkling wine is the result of the first harvest of grapes. One of my favourite sparkling wines is from Ridgeview. Produced about 20 minutes up the road from where I live. They have helped produce this wine with the supermarket and, they've done a very good job.

It is absolutely beautiful and, very drinkable!

Off to New Zealand we went. My favourite wine to drink is a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. So, it would've been rude not to try one of those.
Drinking with Waitrose by What Laura did Next
Drinking with Waitrose by What Laura did Next
This one was delicious and, retails at just over £10. It's on offer on their website at the moment for £6.99 and, I would recommend buying some.

Next up, was South Africa. I don't know much about South African wines, and was curious to try a couple. The one below was delicious and an absolute favourite from the event. I even went and purchased a bottle from the store to take home with me!

We then moved on to some old favourites. I love a glass or two of champagne, especially when it's a special occasion. Waitrose have a great selection and didn't disappoint.
Drinking with Waitrose by What Laura did Next
If you don't have the budget to purchase a bottle of these delicious offerings, I would highly recommend one of the ones produced in the UK. They're cheaper and, are definitely still as delicious (in my opinion) as the 'higher end' ones from the Champagne region. 
Drinking with Waitrose by What Laura did Next
We were also given a glimpse of a couple of exclusives toWaitrose for Christmas. Heston Blumenfeld has created a cherry bakewell vodka. It smells so delicious and, I can't wait until it's out in stores as I want to have a play around with it and see what cocktails I can make from it. I'm thinking, adding a little splash to a sparkling wine will be delicious!
Drinking with Waitrose by What Laura did Next
Waitrose are also offering a nice selection of gifts for Christmas. This hamper is perfect for the festive period and, is not too expensive.

You can purchase the wine and spirits I've talked about above in selected Waitrose stores, and online at Waitrose Cellar. Waitrose are offering a new wine service, stocking over 1,200 wines. With a great delivery service and lots of exclusives, it would be rude not to check it out. 

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