Turning 30

24 July 2015

Turning 30 by What Laura did Next
In my early 20's I always remember thinking how old and grown up being 30 sounded. Babies, marriage, mortgages - that's what I, and the majority of my friends associated with turning thirty. All a bit scary! 

A few years on I'd graduated, worked in various jobs and been in a couple of serious relationships. I was about 27/28, when something happened - I found myself looking forward to turning 30. All around me, my friends who are a couple of years older were starting to see in their 30th year. They were having great parties, some had recently got married, one had given birth to a gorgeous baby, and a few had even managed to become homeowners - real.grown.up.stuff! But what I found the most satisfying, and almost comforting is that they weren't freaking out about turning thirty - they were embracing it...with wide, open arms. 

As I was typing this up last week, I was asking my 29-year old self; when I was still in my teens and my 20s were a little while away, what do I wish I'd been prepared for better? Honestly I don't think anyone can prepare you for what you will experience in life in general, let alone your twenties. I did some great things, screwed a few things up but, I did have a lot of fun.

However, I won't miss them.

The fact that I've been around for three decades is quite crazy to grasp! Having been through a lot and somehow managed to remain as sane as possible, I have a lot to be thankful for. I read somewhere that your 20s are about self-discovery and, I can totally get with that. I discovered and achieved things that make me proud and, I experienced some things that I wish I hadn't. But, I'm hoping with the knowledge and experiences I've gained in the past decade, my 30s will be smooth sailing and fun.

For me, age is nothing but a number. So it is with confidence and wide, opened arms (and hopefully a lot of champagne!) that I too will join the 30-somethings tomorrow.

"You learn when you're in your twenties. You live when you're in your thirties. Life is short. So do whatever the hell you want."

Here's to now!

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