13 May 2016

Glossier Phase 2
Unless you're someone who loves beauty, Glossier is a brand you may not have heard of. With an Instagram account that will have you swooning, and products that have already gained permanent residency in makeup bags and bathroom shelves across America, this is one brand to look out for. 

Unfortunately, they don't ship to the UK. But, I wasn't going to let that stop me getting my hands on a few of their products.

Luckily when I was in New York back in March, Glossier opened up their penthouse and I was able to pop along and test out their products. I came away with their latest launch, Glossier Phase 2 which sees the introduction of makeup to the brand following on from their much hyped skincare products.
Glossier Phase 2 by Laura Lewis

Phase 2 includes the following products: Their already best-selling product boy brow, stretch concealer, and one shade of generation g sheer matte lip tints. All packaged up in one of their signature hot pink bubble-wrap pouches. 

I've been having a little play around with the products since I got back from NYC, and I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.
Boy Brow
I've said before, and I'll say it again - I only starting using a brow pencil just before I hit 30 last year. So, brow products are still fairly new to me. I've not used a brow gel, and I was quite hesitant about this product but, Boy Brow is a winner! This leaves your brows looking natural but with an oh-so-subtle definition whilst keeping the hairs in place and not giving you that crispy feeling that some brow gels can give. 

Stretch Concealer
First off, the chrome-finished caps on the jars are fingerprint-proof! Say what!? I hear you cry - something that excited me and my slight OCD greatly. The product itself is very soft, creamy and needs minimal blending. You can also build up with it as well, and doesn't leave you with a cakey finish as it claims that it stretches with your skin, instead of sitting on top of it. What's more is that the concealer is formulated with emollient ingredients (ie avocado oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter) which leave your skin looking radiant and healthy! 

Generation G
A slightly odd name for a lip product, this is Glossier's version of a traditional lipstick. Available in 4 shades, this product is so easy to apply as it glides on like a tinted balm. The formula is creamy and buildable yet (and this is the remarkable part) the finish is matte without any sort of drying of the lips. I have to say, I love this product a lot - I've been using it pretty much everyday as it lasts for hours and wears off evenly. 
Glossier, I'm very impressed. It is perfect for me, and those out there that don't have time in the morning to create a full on makeup look. This is a 5 minute routine, tops. Which gives you more time snoozing under the duvet.

I would love to see this brand become more accessible - so hurry up and give us what we want Glossier....

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