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17 June 2016

Shopping for clothes by Laura Lewis
I had a huge wardrobe clear out a couple of months ago (all clothes will go on sale here soon), and whilst doing so I realised how much my personal style has changed over the last few years (and how it seems I don't like colourful clothes, but do have a thing for patterns) I’m not one of those people that would blame that on getting older* but I know what I like, what suits me and what looks pretty darn awful.

I’ve found the areas that I personally like to spend that bit more and where I’m totally happy to save. I used to spend a fair amount of my wages on what I call ‘disposable clothes’  (trend-led pieces) that I’d see online, purchase and wear only once before donating it to charity or putting it away thinking “I’m sure I’ll wear it next year” and then not.

Today I thought I’d share where I buy my pieces from, and the shops I like to buy them in.
Shopping for clothes by Laura Lewis

I wear basic items from my wardrobe most days, so I like to spend more on these items as I wear them all year round. I find that they’re so versatile and are easy to style with more trend-led pieces, and can take me through the whole day and night. This season, I’ve purchased pieces that have a little bit of extra detail - for example a fluted sleeve to change it up a bit. 

Where I buy: COS

Shopping for clothes by Laura Lewis
Shopping for clothes by Laura Lewis

I refuse to buy cheap footwear – unless it’s a pair of flip flops for the beach. My mum taught me from a very young age that a good pair of shoes is a great investment, and how shoes made out of plastic can be bad for your feet. 

Where I buy: Kurt Geiger, Topshop and Office

I have the same opinion on these as I do when buying shoes! Again, my Mum taught me that a Winter coat is a good investment – living in the UK we seem to wear this item of clothing for much longer than other countries, so spending that little bit more is worth it and can last you years.

Where I buy: Zara, Topshop and Whistles

Shopping for clothes by Laura Lewis

Rewind about 5 years ago, and you would rarely see me in a pair of jeans. Nowadays, I live in them pretty much every day opting for a 'Boyfriend' fit over a skinny fit. Although these are a real staple piece, I don't spend over £50 on them as I think the high street have a fairly good selection and I know what shops to go to for the ones that fit. 

Where I buy: Topshop and ASOS

When this blog first started out it was 100% fashion, and I would dip in to trends each season a lot. Now it's very rare that I buy into a trend - it's not that I have a problem with them, it's more that it's expensive to keep up with them! If I do find a trend that I like, I'll always go to the shops on the high street / online that I know will have cheaper price points mainly so that I can save money for other pieces that I'll wear all year round instead of just for a few months** 

Where I buy: H&M, ZARA & Warehouse

These are a rarity in my wardrobe - I don't have more than 8! I tend to wear them for work events and special occasions more than day to day, so I will spend that bit more on them. It's strange as I used to wear dresses and skirt a helluva lot but, I don't find them that comfortable now. 

Where I buy: Whistles, COS, Warehouse and ASOS

*Wear what the F you like and want to wear, whatever age you are
**or for a new Sophie Hulme bag (shhhh, don't tell the other half)

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