Choosing gorgeous wedding lingerie

14 September 2016

Choosing gorgeous wedding lingerie by Bridal Style Inc.
Having spent months searching for your perfect wedding dress, have you wondered what you will wear underneath it? Choosing the perfect underwear and lingerie to wear on your wedding day is just as special as choosing your bridal dress.

Bridal Lingerie is a combination of undergarments which can be made up of wedding panties, stockings, bridal bras and bridal garters that brides wear underneath their gowns. Traditionally bridal underwear is made of silk or satin. Having such delicate lingerie against your body all day will make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy throughout your special day. 

Before you start searching through all the different types of sexy lacy undergarments you could wear to surprise your partner on your wedding night, begin with the most practical question- what bridal lingerie will work with my dress? This all depends on the type of bridal gown you have chosen. 

Just as your wedding gown reflects your personality to friends, family and your spouse, your wedding lingerie is more personal and intimate affair with your soon-to-be-spouse that should bring out the passion and love you have for one another.  There’s plenty of gorgeous bridal lingerie styles that can be both flattering and a little bit naughty too!
Choosing gorgeous wedding lingerie by Bridal Style Inc.
Choosing gorgeous wedding lingerie by Bridal Style Inc.
Traditional wedding dresses are typically white or a shade of white which would suit nude or white colored underwear to be less visible. Some modern brides may opt for wedding dresses that are of color, made of thick fabric or have many layers, giving you more colour options for your undergarments to choose from.  For your something blue, why not choose a piece of lingerie that has a shade of blue included or a blue embellishment so you know you’re including that traditional piece hiding underneath your wedding gown?

Remember when choosing your sexy “for-their-eyes-only” lingerie that your gown is thick enough to conceal any details or color and don’t forget that white lingerie can sometimes be more visible underneath a white dress. So be sure to try on your entire outfit with the lingerie before your wedding day to make sure everything looks good.  If you have a piece of lingerie you adore but it doesn’t flatter under your gown, save it for your wedding night or honeymoon for some fun with your new husband!
Choosing gorgeous wedding lingerie by Bridal Style Inc.
When you are buying your bridal lingerie, consider the type of materials the garments are made from and take into account the weather and season, if it is summer or midsummer, choose cotton and avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon.  Comfort is the ultimate key – you want to feel beautiful on your wedding day, not be pulled at in all the wrong places.

Flattering lingerie that flattens, lifts and generally makes you look smoother and more beautiful is the key.  Finding a combination of gorgeous and comfortable is achieveable with the right lingerie designer.  Choose pieces that are made from the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship, and with little details that will enhance the passion and fun of your wedding day – and night too!

Every woman has a different style and dress sense, which should be reflected in the way the wedding dress and bridal lingerie has been chosen. Your wedding day is your special day which will only ever happen once, so getting it right is essential.  Whatever you choose, make sure it’s fun, flattering and a little bit naughty!
Choosing gorgeous wedding lingerie by Bridal Style Inc.

By Kathryn Porritt
Kathryn Porritt is the owner of Bridal Style Inc., your feminine online wedding shop filled with a curated collection of bridal accessories, wedding lingerie and wedding gowns to buy online. A celebrated author on all things weddings and parties, and an experienced wedding planner and stylist, Kathryn’s unique feminine wedding style is brought to her customers through her beautiful online wedding collections.

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