The last days of being a 'Miss'

16 September 2016

The last days of being a 'Miss' by Laura Lewis

I meant to write this post in the run up to my wedding - just before I got married so I could tell you exactly how I was feeling, but last-minute wedding planning chaos totally took over and I found myself being a one-woman production line, knee deep in making table place settings. 

So I thought I’d wait until now, 2 weeks after I got married to look back and remember exactly how I felt going from a Miss to a Mrs.

If you’ve got married, or are planning to then this will be no surprise when I say the most common question I was asked in the final few weeks leading up to the big day was “Eeeek! It’s so soon - how are you feeling? Nervous? Excited?”

My answer was always – I don’t know! I was always too distracted by something wedding related to actual stop and ‘feel’

I found myself wide awake at night, trying to work out how I felt about the wedding day and getting married, but I was just so distracted by serious things such as – have we ordered enough Prosecco? Or I’m not sure if I should’ve put Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio on our playlist.

Turns out, when you wake your husband-to-be at 3am to ask these questions, you find yourself having your sanity questioned. Not your emotions. 

And yes, I had ordered enough Prosecco, and Gangsta’s Paradise went down so well with our guests – there’s even a video somewhere of me ‘rapping’ the lyrics to the whole song. 

It wasn’t until the night before the wedding, when the venue had been fully set up and I’d checked in to our hotel room that I was able to sit back and let everything sink in. I remember feeling like I was 5 years old again and it was Christmas Eve – the butterflies in my stomach were from sheer excitement and I was feeling frustrated that the day was so close but seemed so far away. If it hadn’t been for the sleeping pill I took, I’m not sure I would’ve slept one wink. 

On the morning of the wedding, I awoke at 5.30am (stupid seagulls) and sat at the window seat in my room looking out at the sea whilst the sun came up. I remember feeling so happy that I was finally marrying James. Writing my speech that morning (yep, a bit last minute but I made it work) didn't bring on any nerves, and when my bridesmaids and photographer arrived at the hotel I thought that may trigger tears but, it didn't - well, not from me - everyone else however...

I was practically sprinting to the ceremony with the girls as I couldn't wait a moment longer. All I felt was totally ready to be starting a new adventure in my life, and so so loved by everyone around me. 

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