Tips on dealing with Travel Anxiety

1 June 2018

Tips on dealing with Travel Anxiety
As someone who travels a lot for her job, and also has an endless stream of wanderlust, I refuse to let my anxiety stop me from doing what I love most: travelling!

Travel anxiety can come in so many ways. But despite how different your experience may be with it, anyone will know that anxiety when travelling can be exhausting, mentally and physically. 

I’ve always been open about my anxiety — it actually helps me to talk about it, so I thought I’d share my ways of getting through anxiety when I travel. Because of these, I’ve been able to not let anxiety take my lovely adventures away from me. 

Do your research
For me, anxiety creeps in like a super ninja when I start to feel like I’m not in control. So, before I head away on one of my trips, I spend some time researching my destination, just, so I know what to expect. I also like to try to plan a few things to see and do, and the distance from my hotel to these places. I also look at the airport I’m flying into and how long it’s going to roughly take to get from airport to hotel. Having this sort of information stored in my brain really helps me ease my mind. 

Be Preeeeeeeeepared (sang in the voice of scar from The Lion King)
Mentally and physically. If you can acknowledge the fact that you’ll experience some anxiety during your trip, then you should be able to take control over your thoughts, and in turn, be able to feel much calmer quickly. 

Preparing yourself physically — this is where organisation skills come in handy. Keep all your travel documents together — having everything in the same place will help fill the gaps with uncertainty. I always take a carry on with me, and pack a few essentials just in case my checked baggage decides to go on a little adventure of its own. I would highly advise not to have a to do list for the day you travel — get everything sorted the day before. That way you can have a stress-free sleep the night before. 

The Music Sounds Better With You
When it comes to coping with anxiety, I’ve found listening to music really helps. Plugging headphones in, and listening to one of my playlists. For me, I always hit play on the playlist I made for our wedding, as it brings so many happy memories, which can really wash away my negative and stressful thoughts.

Remember to take care of yourself. Travelling and exploring new countries and cities is extremely exciting, but you are stretching your comfort zone. If you start to feel the anxiety creeping in, that’s OK. Just remind yourself you are making new memories and adventures, and you should be proud of yourself.

Please know you are not alone. While it will take some time (and patience), know that you can confront those overwhelming thoughts and continue doing what you love.

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