A little skincare update for Autumn

25 September 2018

A little skincare update for Autumn

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and the air is becoming drier. Autumn has well and truly arrived! 

But while cosy jumpers, central heating, pumpkin spiced everything and hot chocolates might be on the horizon, the cooler climes don’t necessarily mean good news for our skin. Autumn is the best time to refresh and repair your skin by correcting any summer damage and preparing your complexion for winter with the help of your skin care

Getting the hydration your skin needs is even more important when the weather cools down, and the central heating goes on. I always find that going out in the cold, and then being indoors with the heating on, can really zap the moisture out of my skin. Luckily, there are a whole host of skincare products specially designed for this purpose.
A little skincare update for Autumn

Below are a few little Autumn skincare tips for ensuring your skin is in tip top condition ready for the months ahead. If you travel a lot like I do, then take a peek at my in-flight beauty skincare regime post for tips on what to use and do when traveling

I never change up my cleansing - no matter what time of year it is. This step, and the products I use rarely change, with me taking my makeup off with Micellar water, and then going in with a double cleanse.

After hours in the sun your complexion can begin to look dehydrated and sallow, so it’s important to get rid of the dead damaged cells. This way, your skin will be prepped to absorb more moisture and improve the effectiveness of nourishing products.

The heatwave we had this Summer (it feels so long ago now!) can cause serious dehydration so the moisture needs to be strengthened before the dreaded winter rears its head. If you have dry skin already you really need to knuckle down that hydration to stop your skin from getting flaky, so opt for a cream specifically designed to prevent moisture loss. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid are perfect for locking in extra hydration, so look out for products with this in. 

For those with oily skin, applying a heavy cream can feel a little too much. But that doesn’t mean you should skip this step in your skincare routine. Try a light moisturiser instead, with an oil-free formula. This means your skin will still benefit from additional moisturising come winter. 

The effects of the sun's rays combined with the onset of biting cold weather (adding in office / shop aircon and heating systems to this as well) can leave you with dry, chapped lips so investing in the right lip balm is key. 

As lips lack the waterproofing outer layer that skin has they’re so much more sensitive to moisture loss. When purchasing a lip balm, look for ingredients like Beeswax and shea butter which will prevent and repair chapping.

There you have it - a little skincare update for Autumn, and I think I've just planned the perfect night in for you- I'm thinking sofa, blankets, a cosy jumper, candles and all the skincare for the best at-home pamper evening. 

I have a couple of other skincare posts coming to the blog VERY soon, so look out for them!

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