Brighton City Guide: Drinking

15 August 2014

Brighton City Guide: Drinking by What Laura did Next
What better way to end my Brighton City Guide series with a nice, refreshing drink.

There are so many pubs and cocktail bars across the city we really are spoilt for choice. Here are my favourites;

BYOC, Meeting House Lane
I'm letting you in on a little secret. Down this very narrow, cobbled lane there lies a cocktail bar. However, it's not obvious it's a cocktail bar as it's out the back of an old toy shop, now disguised as a juice bar.

BYOC stands for 'Bring your own cocktail'. The concept is you rock up and pay £20 each which gets you two hours in the bar. What you may find slightly bizarre is that you're requested to bring along your favourite alcohol (the quirkier the better). The cocktail magicians have the syrups, juices and witty banter to create some amazing cocktails that you wouldn't usually find on a menu.

Hare & Hounds, Preston Circus
The Hare and Hounds has recently gone under a huge refurbishment and knocked about 20 years off of it, going from dirty old man to flirty young man. 

The pub itself is Brighton's first brewery fresh pub, brewing fresh beer from the guys at Meantime in Greenwich. With the added bonus of La Choza taking over their kitchen (read about them here) this place is proving popular with everyone and, is a welcome breath of fresh air to the London Road area. 

Shuffle Bar, York Place
This bar gives you something no other bar in Brighton probably does - control of their soundtrack for the evening. Accessible via your smartphone, simply log in to their online jukebox and select your favourite tracks for the night. It's a great idea and the bar itself boasts a long list of cocktails, bottled beers and wine. 

Valentinos, New Road
This cocktail bar has been around in Brighton for years. It's a bit of a random place mainly as it's no bigger than my front room and, it's above a Mexican restaurant. But, don't let that put you off. The staff know their stuff and will happily freestyle if you can't make up your mind - just let them know what you like and leave it in their hands. I always end up here at some point on a night out because the cocktails are so good! 

The Great Eastern, Trafalgar Street
A popular pub amongst a lot of my friends, this is the place to go if you like your whiskey! It hasn't changed over the many years it's been open and, is a pub where most of the punters in there are regulars but, I love it and have had many a good night in there with friends. 

The New Club, Brighton
I've mentioned them before in my food guide but, their bar is worth a mention alone. They have a great selection of cocktails, craft beer, wine and cider. They also do a great 'Hard shake'. 


  1. This made me thirsty. I love Twisted Lemon or Bohemia for drinks, but been wanting to try out BYOC for ages!

    Sophie x

  2. Great guide! I've lived in Brighton years and didn't know about a few of those places! What a good excuse to check them all out ;)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches