Bonfire Night Recipe idea: Steak Sandwiches

2 November 2014

Steak Sandwiches by What Laura did Next
I was recently thinking about what I'd serve up if I was hosting a Fireworks night party. Aside from the usual hot dogs, I would definitely consider this recipe as it's just as easy to do. 

A couple of weekends ago, the boys went and watched the football. After coming home a little cold, and hungry I decided to whip them up something quick and easy that I new they'd devour in minutes.

Anyone that likes meat will love this.

You will need:
1 red onion, sliced thinly
Steaks. The cut is up to you. I used Sandwich steaks from Waitrose (2 per sandwich)
Gem lettuce
wholegrain mustard
large know of butter
Dark brown sugar
Fresh bread

Start by taking the steaks out of the fridge at least an hour before you're cooking them. This brings them up to room temperature.

Heat up a frying pan and add the brown sugar and butter. Heat until the butter and sugar are melted, then add your onions. Mixing them in to the sugar and butter.
Steak Sandwiches by What Laura did Next
Steak Sandwiches by What Laura did Next
If they start catching, add a little water and then cover, leaving them for around 20-25 minutes.

Season your steaks and heat up a griddle pan until it's searing hot. Cook them for 3 minutes on each side then leave to rest on a plate for 2 minutes.
Steak Sandwiches by What Laura did Next
Whilst the steaks are resting, cut up your bread in to chunks and slice down the middle so you get a roll. Place in the griddle pan and allow to warm through in the meat juices whilst you cut your steak in to slices.
Steak Sandwiches by What Laura did Next
Smear some Wholegrain Mustard on to the bread and then place your slices of steak and lettuce leaves. 

Open a bottle of wine and get your mouth round this beast of a sandwich!
Steak Sandwiches by What Laura did Next
Safe to say, I gained some good girlfriend points for feeding two hungry men.

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