NOLA Night in

11 November 2014

NOLA Night in by What Laura did Next
When the lovely team at Nola got in touch asking if they could send me gorgeous box of treats to share with friends, it couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

A few days later a box arrived looking absolutely beautiful tied up with a bow and decked out in stripes - it was ready for my girls night in before I was! Nola had gone to town and spoilt us rotten with their big bottles of Vodka Spritz drink in Watermelon & Strawberry and Raspberry and Elderflower and, a few cans of the drink as well. They'd also thrown in some delicious treats from Propercorn and (my favourite), The Meringue Girls, plus a scented candle and Amazon voucher for me to purchase some music to listen to. 

I practically skipped over to the lovely Kimi's house on a Friday night and settled in with our goodies. We hadn't seen each other for ages so, a catch up was well overdue!
If you haven't heard of Nola before then, don't worry! I'm going to fill you in.
NOLA Night in by What Laura did Next
NOLA Night in by What Laura did Next
Nola is a fruity and refreshing Vodka Spritz drink - think of it as an alternative to wine. It's low in calories and, pretty damn tasty in my opinion! 
Plus, we managed to drink it all between two of us and, I didn't wake up the next day feeling rotten.

Which, is a miracle in my opinion!
Thanks to Nola for supplying me and my friend Kimi the ingredients for a perfect girls night in!

Nola is available in Supermarkets - find it with the pre-mix alcoholic drinks! 

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  1. Mmm I LOVE Nola drinks, they're so refreshing :)

    Sophie x