London: Hoxton Holborn & Somerset House

10 March 2015

A few weeks back, I headed up to London to meet one of my bestest friends, S for a long catchup over Hot Chocolate and a bit of culture.

We started at the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn. I'm a huge fan of the one in Shoreditch. This one opened a few months ago and I'd been dying to have a nose around.

If I could describe the Hoxton Holborn in a sentance I'd say - "It's the hot younger sister of the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch'

Let's take a peek inside.
Now, I'm no hot chocolate expert but, the one the guys make at the Holborn Grind is the best one I've had in London. 

For a start, look how pretty it is.
The Holborn Grind is attached to the hotel, and is open from morning until evening, serving coffee and delicious looking food throughout the day. They even serve coffee-based cocktails as well as other alcoholic beverages.

I'll be heading back soon to try out their Espresso Martini's for sure.

Everywhere in the hotel is a snazzy as the last room. I'm totally going to attempt to recreate their toilets at home. Just look at those sinks *swoons*
I'm thinking of heading there for my birthday weekend in July. It's a big birthday so, I want to celebrate in style and, what better way than to book a room there.

After we'd chatted each others ears off, we decided to head down to Somerset House for a little bit of culture.

Guy Bourdin: Image Maker had been on both of our lists to see before it finishes. Featuring the fashion photographers works and unseen material, the exhibition has over 100 pieces of his on view. 
We wandered through the labyrinth of rooms, chatting about his work as we went and soaking it all in.

The exhibition finishes on 15th March. So, you have until Sunday to pay a visit. Its worth seeing and really inspiring. 
After we'd finished in the last room, we stepped back outside to find the sun had set and it had got very cold. 
But, with Somerset House looking this beautiful, we didn't mind, and skipped off in search of dinner before getting the train back to the seaside. 

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