Wedding Planning (Part one)

15 June 2015

Wedding Planning by What Laura did Next
I may have just over a year until my big day but, the planning has already begun! The date has been set, the venues have been booked and the photographer confirmed.

But, that's been the easy part. Now, I have to start researching other parts for our big day - catering, flowers, guestlist, decorations - the list goes on! Am I tearing my hair out? Do I feel stressed? Lets say, I'd be lying if I said no!

I was recently contacted by StressFreePrint to see how I was getting on with the planning process. StressFreePrint are an online printing company who aim to make the printing process stress-free for their customers. They can design and print out your wedding invitations with the greatest of ease! They have a campaign going on at the moment for brides (and grooms) to be so, make sure you check them out. 

When planning a wedding, there are always things that are good to know, and there are things you need to know. I've been given a some little words of advice from a few lovely friends that have planned their weddings and, I've adopted some from my 9-5 job as well. If you're planning a wedding like me or know someone that is, then check out my planning tips below - I'm sure I'll have a few more when I next update you on how it's all going! 

1. Talk and 2. Set Aside time - The first thing we did after the excitement (and surprise) of our engagement had settled down a little, was to sit down together, with no distractions, a bottle of wine, a notebook/laptop and discuss what kind of wedding we wanted. This helped massively as it gave us a great idea on how much we needed to save. Going forward, we set aside an evening every other week to go through things and plan. One thing I've learnt in my day job and, something I massively believe in, is that communication is so important. 

Which moves me on to....

3. Budget - Establish your budget. Once you've done that, you can spend the next few months keeping track of your saving and where the money needs to be allocated to. To keep an eye on what we're spending, we have a spreadsheet set up that we keep updated on a regular basis.

4. Organisation - Buy a notebook. Set up a Pinterest board, make a scrapbook. Write all your ideas and plans somewhere so you can go back to them. Keep organised is going to keep you calm - don't think it makes you look like 'Brideszilla'. We already have a few spreadsheets on the go for various aspects of the day as well and, although I haven't started carrying my notebook everywhere with me yet, I know that's coming! 

and, the most important tip (and the one every one of my friends gave me)...

5. US - Remember, at the end of the day you're getting married because you want to spend the rest of your lives together and, that's the most important thing about the day. Brides and Grooms can sometimes forget about that - don't let the colour of the crepe paper for your poms poms being the wrong shade of blue get you in a tizz, or a family member listing demands and attempting to make additions to the guest list stress you out- it's about you and your other half, and the excitement of the next chapter in your lives. 

I hope these have helped anyone that has a wedding coming up! 

Post in collaboration with StressFreePrint, but all opinions, advice and love for all things wedding are my own.

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