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5 June 2015

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You might have noticed that my little space over here has been fairly quiet - with no post in the last three weeks. OMG. I thought I'd do a little catch up today in an attempt to make up for that. If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you'll notice that I've been away up in London with my 9-5 job for the last couple of weeks, living in a hotel and working on something I'm ridiculously proud of.

Running a blog alongside working full time can be bloody tiring, but it makes it so rewarding when I bump in to readers and friends who comment on a recent post they loved or, when a brand I love get in touch with an interest to collaborate. This blog started out as a hobby a few years back when I was on the job hunt and at a bit of a loose end. It's something I am super proud of and, as well as being a creative outlet it also looks really great on the CV.

I've only mentioned my work life a little on WLDN before. However, I've been meaning to write up a post on my career as I do get quite a few emails and Tweets from my lovely readers interested in what I do. Now, I am by no means an expert on the subject, but if you've emailed me you'll know I'm always happy to help and give advice if I can.
I've had a few emails asking me about how I got in to working in events. I've worked in the events industry for about 6 years. I sort of fell into it after graduating from London College of Fashion where I studied Fashion marketing and promotion. After graduating, I struggled to get a job that was paid, and couldn't afford to do more internships (I'd already done a fair few). I knew someone that worked for an events company based in Brighton so, I helped out over their busy period at Christmas, which was then extended after, and I moved on to organising hen and stag dos and corporate Summer and Christmas parties. From there I went on to freelance for a few companies, working on large events for a magazine and also a gaming company before starting where I am now just over a year ago as a Production and Events Coordinator. The most recent show I've worked on, and the one I'm most proud of is Clerkenwell Design Week. CDW is a 3 day festival based in six venues and various showrooms across the area of Clerkenwell in London. It's the UK’s leading independent design festival and attracts a lot of people. The role I have on this show is a little more complex as although I'm mainly working on the production side of the show, I also get involved with the Operations team as well - I'm a little busy bee when we're on site (thank god for my Nike Free Runs!).
(Super proud that CDW was mentioned on
What to expect from working in events
Speaking from experience, no day is ever the same! One day I could be in the office, doing some admin and the next, I could be at a venue doing a site visit with a client. Expect long hours when in the run up to the event you are working on - I can honestly say that when it's really busy, I don't 'log off' until very late and, working weekends is a given as well. For some people that will sound awful, but with every team I've worked with we make it fun and support each other through it. Working in events means that you’ll have to deal with very different types of people, from a Sales Manager at a city centre five star hotel to an Events Director who oversees every single thing on the show – and you’ll make some great friends which, is one of my favourite things about my job. 

Advice on getting in to the events industry
Like lots of other industries, the events industry is huge so I would think about what area you want to work in first - I've been very lucky and have had the opportunity to work for various companies across lots of different areas in the industry. Start to research and contact companies you're interested in working for and see if they have any opportunities available. Most companies will advertise opportunities and internships on their website but, I would recommend sending them a CV and Covering Letter even if they don't.

If you have any questions regarding my career, please do get in touch via email, twitter, etc. I'm more than happy to talk about it and give tips on how to get into the industry.

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