Back Soon.....

26 August 2015

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I've had an absolute nightmare with my blog over the last couple of weeks! Annoyingly, it was sort of my fault and ended up with me having to delete a couple of hundred (yes, that many) blog posts.

Now, because of this, you may have noticed I haven't posted for just over a week. The next few days are going to be a little quiet as well as I'm trying to focus on sorting through the posts I managed to salvage and, giving it a 'lick of paint' so to speak.

Whilst I'm sorting things out, you can take a peek some of the older posts I managed to save pretty quickly. Including these favourites of mine;
Hamburger Birthday Cake by What Laura did Next
Le Voyage de Courvoisier by What Laura did Next
Brighton City Guide: Eating by What Laura did Next
Bond by Kurt Geiger by What Laura did Next

Normal service will resume on August 31st which, isn't actually too far away come to think of it! Check out my Instagram and Twitter where I'll still be posting in the meantime. 

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