John Lewis - Give with Love

6 November 2015

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With only 8 Fridays left until the big man arrives, I'm going to start to talk a little about Christmas.

Christmas is the season to be loving and giving and in true giving spirit, John Lewis have invited me to take part in their “Give with Love Campaign”; a twist on the seasonal classic, “Secret Santa”.

Who doesn't love presents, right?

I'll be paired with another fellow blogger, and given the task of choosing them a gift from John Lewis. I may have never met the blogger I'm paired with but, and I'm totally blowing my own trumpet here, I like to think I'm a good present picker.

I've only ever done Secret Santa at an old job before, and that was yonks ago. I can be fairly difficult to buy for - my loved ones will vouch for that! However, I reckon it will be pretty easy for whoever is paired with me - John Lewis have some amazing gifts. From their totally awesome beauty section, to their gorgeous stationary, beautiful homeware and hundreds of clothing brands - they have it all. 

I'll let you know how I get on!

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