Wedding Planning (Part Two)

16 January 2016

Wedding Planning (Part Two) by What Laura did Next
So after putting the plans on hold for the last few months of 2015, it’s time to get back to wedding planning! Things are really put in to perspective when someone close to you falls very ill, and I was most definitely not in the mood to talk/think about pork pies and cheese with potential caterers, or even think about dresses. 

A little glimpse into what we want from our wedding...
Throughout the next few months or so, you’ll all probably start to realise that I’m not a “typical” bride, whatever that may be. Sure, I have spreadsheets, a couple of Pinterest boards and I can spend a whole day pouring over the latest issue of Rock n' Roll Bride Magazine. But, when people ask how the planning is going, they're surprised to see how laid back I am about it! People keep asking me if we have a ‘theme’ or colour scheme, and to be perfectly honest we don’t. We want it to be casual, informal, fun and personal. For us, it’s about having all our favourite people under one roof and celebrating with them all.

(Not) keeping with tradition...
There are so many traditions when it comes to a wedding that just aren’t very us and we have both agreed it would be weird doing them, as they don’t mean anything to us. We’re doing it our way and although we’ve already had some raised eyebrows along the way (no top table or first dance – gasp!) we don't want to feel like we're playing a role on our day. We want it to feel as personal as possible. 

One tradition I am sticking to are having bridesmaids (see how I asked them here) But, I won’t be putting them in tulle or taffeta – I just want them to feel comfortable. So, I’ll be letting them choose a dress/outfit they love. I’m already keeping an eye out for various dresses – holla if you see any that are nice but not too bridesmaid-y.

Things I've learnt (so far)...

  • It's YOUR day: As I mentioned above, we've already had a few raised eyebrows along the way however, we've been taking them with a pinch of salt. You need to remember that you won't please everyone with your ideas but, don't let that affect you and your partner - it's your day after all and you only plan on getting married once!
  • Budget: Like most weddings, this one is on a tight budget. Before you do anything, figure out what elements of your day you want to be extra special, and budget for those. For example, food and drink are important to us. Believe me, it may seem daunting at first - especially when you start receiving quotes from suppliers but, get your negotiating skills at the ready and see if you can knock a few quid off. Every little helps after all.
  • When you feel yourself getting stressed, take a step back for a few days or if you can, pass it over to someone you trust. Remember stressing over flowers or different coloured napkins is so silly! 
  • Don't get too immersed in lots of wedding websites or blogs. I got so overwhelmed last year by what was on offer, that I decided to focus on a couple of my favourite wedding blogs and magazines. You'll find that it will give you a clearer idea of what you see yourself doing for your day. More on that in another post! 
If you have any planning tips - please send them to me! 

My blog is going to feature more wedding content this year. From planning tips, to Bridal make up. If you have any wedding-related subjects you would like to see on here, please get in touch.

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