Bridesmaid Dresses for under £100

24 August 2016

Teal // Wrap // Lace // Floral // Navy // Spotty // Bow // Off-Shoulder

The hunt for bridesmaids dresses can be a stressful thing. Finding ONE style and colour of dress to suit all your girls definitely had me in a cold sweat at 3am when I first started thinking about what they should wear, until I made the decision to let my bridesmaids wear what they want. 

When you're spending a lot on the venue hire, caterers, decorations, etc buying Bridesmaids dresses can really push the cost up. There's so much choice on the High Street nowadays - The ones above are all under £100. Perfect for the couple that are on a tight budget and, you never know, the girls may even wear them again after the wedding.

Get them whilst you can!

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