My First Yoga session with Do Your OM Thing

26 August 2016

Hands up who's signed up to a gym, gone a handful of times and then not gone again? I am totally guilty of that (and really need to cancel my membership!). When it comes to exercise, I really like to think I'm motivated enough - heck, I'll even get into my gym gear with the intention of heading out for a run and then find myself watching cat videos on YouTube. I am the best procrastinator out there when it comes to exercise.

I was recently asked by the lovely Rosie at Do Your OM Thing if I'd like to go along to one of her Vinyasa yoga classes. I was a little hesitant to start with, but so many people have recommended yoga to me as it can help with anxiety and stress - things I do suffer from, so I decided to give it a go. 

Strong Vinyasa Yoga sessions are dynamic and challenging. You flow through postures linking movement and breath, which improve strength and active flexibility. The session lasted 75 minutes with cardio, core strength, balance sequences and a guided relaxation. At times I did find it a little tricky but, Rosie was very reassuring and I didn't feel any pressure to push myself. As Rosie said after the session, if you push yourself into the poses, you're putting pressure on your body and that isn't really the way of Yoga. 
I came away feeling so relaxed - something I haven't felt in a long time due to wedding planning, and various other stresses going on. I slept so so well which, is a rarity and I didn't ache the next day - bonus! I'll be going back for sure as this is the sort of exercise I can get on with

For more information on Rosie and Do Your OM Thing, check out her website here

I'll see you there! 

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