18 November 2016

The Wedding: Stationery (and cutting costs)

The Wedding: Stationery (and cutting costs) by Laura Lewis
The Wedding: Stationery (and cutting costs) by Laura Lewis
The Wedding: Stationery (and cutting costs) by Laura Lewis
The Wedding: Stationery (and cutting costs) by Laura Lewis
The Wedding: Stationery (and cutting costs) by Laura Lewis
The Wedding: Stationery (and cutting costs) by Laura Lewis
Being a huge fan of stationery in general, I had so much fun thinking up ideas for our Wedding stationery. We wanted our invites to be fun – ones that reflected our personalities, and what we wanted the wedding to be. 

We wanted to have a little fun with our guests at the wedding, so we made bingo cards and played wedding speech bingo. We also placed a wedding mad-libs card at each guests place for them to fill in - on the back of those, guests had to draw a self-portrait  This was a great alternative to a guest book, and we had so much fun reading them all a couple of days after the wedding. 

We also wanted to be able to keep costs low. Printing and postage can be so expensive, so this is what we did to cut costs. Hopefully these tips may come in handy if you’re planning a wedding;

We made our Save The Dates digital….
A HUGE money saver, we decided to send all our guests an email (via Mail Chimp) with a digital version of our Save The Date. We had over 100 to send out, so with no printing or postage costs this really helped. 

Talented friends….
We're lucky enough to have some very talented friends, and so we asked our friend Karl to design them for us. He was totally AWESOME, and put up with my indecisiveness and changes. As you can see from the photos they were totally amazing. we decided to have character versions of us on the stationery, and some cute Seagulls characters.  Seagulls played a huge part in the whole wedding – living in Brighton and having a little sentimental factor (yes, really. Seagulls. I know) they had to be involved in some way, so they featured on all our stationary. 

Once you have your designs you of course do need to print them. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended printed.com that does it all for you and is relatively cheap! I had looked into have them printed at a local shop, but the costs were so high. 

We asked Karl to design the invite in black and white as that saves pennies on the printing, and we chose a post-card design rather than a folded card as that also makes a big difference. 

I ordered envelopes from Amazon, and had some personalised colourful stickers printed from moo.com. We didn’t bother with inserts or surplus paper, opting for a wedding website instead. 

I built the website myself using The Knot. It was small enough to be hosted for free, and I didn’t even have to pay for a domain. This is where we had further information regarding the day, plus a City Guide for those who were travelling from outside of Brighton and making a weekend of it with hotel and restaurant recommendations, as well as things to do and see around the city.

We purposefully printed everything we needed to in small sizes, and sent invites via second class. A lot of our guests are local to us, so we were able to deliver them by hand. It may seem small, but believe me we saved a lot of money posting second class.

All in all we managed to save a fair amount of money which went towards the booze

More on that in the next post! 

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