The Wedding: Beauty

16 November 2016

My Wedding: Beauty by Laura Lewis

After a month or so of figuring out how to share my wedding with you lovely lot, here is the first post in my wedding-series. Sharing parts of my day on here was something I knew I wanted to do when I started planning our wedding, and with over 1,000 photos to choose from, I've managed to narrow it down. 

So let's begin the series with a little Bridal beauty...

First off, I decided not to use a professional makeup artist. Mainly as they cost an absolute fortune, and we were on a budget. It also meant that as I wasn't going to pay someone  I got to keep the makeup we used, instead of the MUA taking it back with them, which meant it gave me the best excuse ever to go makeup shopping!

My Bridal makeup look was a lot like how I usually do my makeup, but with a bit more definition and a little sparkle. If you're a regular reader, you'll know I booked the Bobbi Brown Bridal Makeup lesson (read about my experience here

On the day, one of my gorgeous and talented bridesmaids ended up doing my makeup for me. I was all for doing my makeup myself, but the bridesmaids all decided I needed to just sit back and try not to stress so the lovely Pepper stepped in.

Below are the items we used to create my natural bridal look: 




1.       If you can, try not to wear makeup for the week running up to the wedding. It really helps your skin. I went one step further and didn’t wear any for around two whole weeks and found that my skin was in really good condition. 
2.       Remember, you need to wear a little more makeup than you’re used to. This is so it shows up in the wedding photos. 
3. Water, and lots of it! Drink, drink, drink. 
4. If you're planning on doing your own makeup, practice a few times prior to the morning of your wedding day. This will help you figure out the best way you want to apply it all on the day. 
5. Ensure that one (or all) of your bridesmaids have room in their bag for your most important makeup - touchups are going to be needed throughout the day.

Photos throughout by Allison Dewey Photography

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