Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant by La Roche-Posay

19 May 2017

Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant by La Roche-Posay by Laura LewisIf you've been a long term follower on this little part of the internet, then you know I love a bit of La Roche-Posay. So, when they sent me one of their best-selling products that they've added a little bit of a tint to, I was very intrigued by it.  

Effaclar Duo (+) Unifant is a dual-action anti-imperfection formula with sheer coverage with all the benefits of their best-selling product, Effaclar Duo (+). They've added a mattifying 100% mineral pigment tint to it which instantly reduces redness and evens out skin tone. 

If you haven't tried Effaclar Duo (+) it's essentially a spot treatment, and has been in my skincare stash for a long time. It's a total game changer - I'm not sure what they put in the tube but, it totally does exactly what it claims to do. Smear it over your face before going to bed and when you wake up the next day, any blemishes or spots will be noticeably smaller. Keep applying it for a few days and, they'll be gone. It also helps with any redness you have as well. 

You can see why I'm a little excited about the brand adding tint to this now, right?!

I've been testing it out for a while, and I've got to say I like it. The size of the product is the same as the regular Effaclar Duo, and a little goes a long way. I would say it's like a tinted moisturiser, although it's a little thicker but once applied it doesn't feel heavy at all. I find applying it with my fingers better than using a brush, but I think that's a personal preference as it blends just as easy with or without. 

Coverage-wise, it is sheer so I do add concealer to the areas I want more coverage on. It feels light on the skin which is a big seller for me, and I like the fact that it's helping my skin out whilst giving it coverage.

The downside? The only thing I can think of is that it only comes in two shades - light and medium. Hopefully they'll extend the shade range in the future as this is a great product. 

A product that fights blemishes whilst covering them at the same time? The perfect combination in my opinion! It's already become my go-to daily base. 

You can purchase Effaclar Duo (+) Unifant here

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