Flight Essentials

31 May 2017

Flight Essentials by Laura Lewis
Travelling is one of the little luxuries in life, and one of my favourite things to do. I'm lucky enough to travel a fair bit with my job, and although it may sound so glamourous, sometimes the actual 'travel' bit itself can be pretty unglamorous. 

I've been fortunate enough to travel in business class, but most of the time I fly economy. Travelling can be a nightmare when you don't have your essentials packed with you. So, I thought I'd share what I pack for these journeys. Some of the items may also make travelling economy feel a little more special... 

Mastering the art of travel is an absolute must, and has taken me a while to get the hang of but, I think I'm pretty good at what I pack in my travel bag as 'flight essentials' now. 

Passport, currency, etc
The boring but most important items - you're not going anywhere if you don't have these on you! I have a travel wallet that I keep everything in, and find it so handy - especially when I'm at the gate and trying to find my boarding pass in my huge carry on - this wallet is perfect for keeping all the important things in. 

Try as I may, I find myself turning my laptop on during some point of my flight - I may have some work to catch up on, or have an idea for a blog post so I always keep it with me. 
I always pack a book just in case there isn't any in-flight entertainment on my flight, or I don't fancy watching anything. 

Scarf, ear plugs and eye mask
The temperature in the cabin can be somewhat temperamental, so I always carry a big scarf that is big enough to use as a blanket, but not too chunky (the one above is from Zara and they do great ones). I always have an eye mask and ear plugs in my carry on, and although most long haul flights tend to supply an eye mask, my Muji one is my go to. These are perfect for overnight flights, and for drowning out any unwanted noises (read: snoring people around you)
Flight Essentials by Laura Lewis
The items above are the ones I tend to take on a long haul flight rather than short haul. 

The major factor when flying any distance, is hydration. This basically starts before your flight even takes off.  Don't get me wrong - a glass or two of fizz in the lounge is a treat, or on take off is tempting, but be sure to make sure you’re filling your body with water too. 

We all know how dehydrating flying is, let alone with the addition of alcohol. Whilst water is provided on all long haul flights, I always buy myself a litre bottle before take off to have on hand throughout the flight. Not only does it mean I always have a drink, it also means I have a goal for what to drink.

With this in mind, most of the beauty products I pack in my carry on are to keep my skin hydrated. On a long haul flight, I tend to give myself an in flight facial, taking off any makeup I'm wearing as soon as I'm seated on the plane. I've usually slapped on a moisturising mask before we've even started heading down the runway! 

Due to the liquid restrictions on flights, I've figured out a way to get around that, and that's to take sample sizes with you. Face wipes are also a great alternative to your usual make up remover product as they are easy to pack. 

There you have it, flying becomes actually quite a luxurious little break. And instead of stumbling off the flight, sunglasses glued to your head and feeling like shite, you’ll be feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to get whatever adventure you've got planned started.

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