5 Books to read this Summer

21 July 2017

Over the last couple of months, I've fallen back in love with reading. I love a good book but can find it so hard to stay focused that reading can be a little tricky sometimes. I've had a few days off over the last month, and with the weather being fairly glorious I've managed to make the most of it on weekends and in the evenings after work by going and sitting on the beach with a book. 

I'm trying to get out of the habit of having my phone glued to my right hand in the evenings, giving my thumbs a break from all the scrolling, and stepping away from the Net-a-Porter and Topshop apps in the hope I'll stop spending. 

If I score a right page turner, I can read a book in a weekend and that's exactly what happened with The Power by Naomi Alderman. This was the winner of the 2017 Bailey's Women Prize for Fiction, and I literally couldn't put it down. It’s a worthwhile and clever exploration, accessible to everyone, with an important message behind it: there’s good and bad on both sides. 

Another book that get's your mind thinking, is Margret Atwoods The Handmaid's Tale. This isn't a new book at all, but you may recognise it as it's recently been made in to a TV series - one that I have recorded and ready to watch. This was another book I sailed through and won't give anything a way - I'm just hoping the TV series is just as good.
A little different to my first two, but Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon is one that everyone should read. Having been going through various mental health issues myself, I have never related to a book as much as this one. It's powerful, heartbreaking, hilarious and inspiring all in it's 304 pages. Bryony Gordon is brilliant and somehow manages to take the whole taboo of mental illness away. 

Ok, so this book is a little different to anything I've ever read but, Gut: The inside story of our body's most under-rated organ by Giuila Enders is definitely an eye-opener. I've only read the first couple of chapters, as it's one of those books you can dip in and out of but, it does get you thinking about what you put in your body. Friends of mine recommended it - they've even gone veggie after reading it, and there's a whole chapter dedicated to pooing properly. Yep, I said it (and it turns out we're doing that side of our toilet visits totally wrong). 

Last but not least is The Curated Closet: Discover Your Personal Style and Build Your Dream Wardrobe by Anuschka Rees. I'm looking forward to reading this fully as I'm very interested in creating a capsule wardrobe. A little bit late to the game, but it needs to be done. Watch this space...

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