Homely essentials when I'm away

5 July 2017

Homely essentials when I'm away

As you know, I travel a lot with my job and as someone who gets excited about seeing a new city as much as being back on that plane home, it's safe to say I'm a bit of a homebody.

As I'm usually away for a few nights, I like to try and make the hotel room I'm staying in as homely as possible. I'm a big creature of habit, and I like to keep to a routine as much as I can so I like to pack a few items in my luggage to make that process of being away from home as nice and comfortable as possible. 

I don't really like bedtime when I'm away - it makes me miss the husband a lot and I find that even if my hotel room has the comfiest of beds, I struggle to settle - no matter how tired / jet lagged I am. The first thing I chuck in my suitcase when I'm packing, are my PJ's. It's something I wear a lot of around the house - as soon as I'm home and don't have any other arrangements for the rest of the day, my PJ's are whipped out and straight on. There's nothing like a pair of slouchy bottoms with an elasticated waistband to get you feeling comfy and relaxed so I tend to take my favourite pair with me on my trips. I'll also put my white noise app on as it relaxes me quicker and sends me off to sleep fairly quickly! 

I do try to keep the same kind of routine as I have back home, but as there is always going to be that pesky luggage weight allowance to stick to, I tend to pack my travel-sized skin products, or decant the ones I use at home in to my handy tubs and tubes from Muji. 

Sticking to a routine is key for me whilst I'm away - I find I settle in to away-from-home life a lot quicker. 

Relax time
Well, this one is a little rare when I'm on a work trip! But, I do try to take at least half an hour in the morning before heading out, or in the evening before bed to just chill. I tend to take a travel-sized candle away with me - Jo Malone and Diptyque are my favs for this and, my current book I'm reading. 

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