The Glossier lowdown and recommendations

15 October 2017

Glossier favourites

It’s here!  Glossier has finally launched in the UK, and I’m going to put my hand up high and admit that at 7am on launch day, I was refreshing their website until it finally allowed me to make a purchase (or two!). 

Maybe you don’t know what Glossier is, but that’s fine as I’m here to give you the lowdown on the brand.

Glossier is the brainchild of the editor of one of my fav beauty blogs, Into The Gloss, Emily Weiss. She has created a beauty brand that has become nothing short of a beauty phenomenon. The New York-based company has had a cult following since it launched a few years ago. However, it’s not been exactly easy to get your hands on their products unless you live in the US. My first experience with Glossier’s products was when I visited their showroom on a trip to New York last year - they opened their showroom to their customers, and it just so happened to be over a weekend I was in the city - result! 

Aside from that initial visit, I’ve been able to bribe a US-based friend / family member / work colleague to visit their New York showroom, or make a purchase on the website and have it delivered to their US address, for them to bring it over to the UK on their next visit. This may sound complicated, and you may wonder why I’ve gone to these lengths, but it’s been worth it. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed the hype surrounding this brand - it’s everywhere at the moment, and I’m definitely not the first to preach about it, but I wanted to share my favourite Glossier products on here as I’ve been lucky enough to road test a fair few bits over the last 18 months. Like with most beauty brands, there are some real winners that have me recommending them to anyone that will listen, and some that didn’t have me jumping for joy. You can read my thoughts on their Phase 2 kit here, which I reviewed last year. But, here’s the lowdown on what I’ve tried since, what I think are worth keeping, and the product that won’t be hanging around on my bathroom shelves...

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser
I've already got through a whole tube of this, and a little goes a long way! My dehydrated skin massively relies on moisturiser. This one is not greasy, or even heavy and leaves my skin glowing and saturated ready for the other products I shove on my face. It's great on it's own or under makeup as it's so lightweight. 

One of the cult products that everyone raves about, this cleanser is super-gentle, fragrance-free, ultra-comforting make-up remover and face wash. Honestly, I'm not a massive fan of this (I can hear Glossier fans gasping!) but, I've found that my skin doesn't like it one bit. 

Glossier Face Masks
The Mask Duo, £28 (or £18 each)
Two masks. One designed to detox, and one to moisturise your skin. 
The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is to draw out any impurities - basically giving your face a good old detox. It does make my uber sensitive skin tingle, but it doesn't sting or leave it red. 

The Moisturising Moon Mask plumps, soothes and brightens the skin - giving you that amazing 'Glossier glow' and a couple of days after using it, my skin still feels so soft and clean. 

Both do exactly what they say on their tubs - I use these once a week and I love how they make my skin look and feel for days after. 

Glossier Balm Dot Com
Glossier products are all about dewy luminosity. This product doesn't fall short in doing this. Coming in various flavours, you can use these to gloss your cheekbones and eyelids, or soothe dry lips and skin. The Cherry one has an ever-so-subtle tint - perfect for your lips and cheeks, and my absolute favourite, Birthday adds a little shimmer, and tastes/smells absolutely delicious. 

Glossier Haloscope
Now, I haven't really ever been a fan of highlighter. I've found the ones I've used in the past to be too glittery! This Haloscope Dew Effect Highlighter in moonstone comes in the form of a creamy stick which you twist to use. It gives you a lovely natural glow, that can be built up. I apply it with my fingers, patting it on to my cheekbones, brow bone and Cupid's bow. I also use it on my eyelids instead of eyeshadow when I'm going for the no makeup, makeup look. 

Glossier Boy Brow
This is a fairly new addition to my Glossier collection, as I'm usually a powder blush fan. Glossier Cloud Paint is a super light cream blusher that glides on so smoothly, giving you a lovely natural flush of colour on your cheeks. I have the shade Puff, and have purchased another shade (Dusk) as I love the formula and look this product gives you. Plus, the packaging is super cute and is perfect for travelling with. 

I thought I'd leave the best till last! My favourite Glossier product is Boy Brow. I first picked this up in New York last year, and I get slight heart palpitations if I find myself running low. An absolute makeup bag staple, Boy Brow is the Glossier product I ALWAYS recommend to people who ask what they should pick up when they visit their showroom. The reason why I love this product so much? It won't leave your brows sticky or crunchy, comes in a range of shades to suit all (Clear, Brown, Black and Blonde) and, the wand is perfectly small, giving the perfect application. 

So, there's my lowdown. I've just purchased a couple of other products, which I will add to this post once I've had a chance to try them out.

Also, if you fancy 10% off your first Glossier order, click here - Happy shopping! 

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